Tuesday 28 January 2020

It came and Doomsday Preppers

This picture is from the middle of the day.  It is dark here.  Weirdly at night it seems brighter as the snow reflects the street lights.  Night becomes day.  

I have planted some chilli seeds today.  They will live in the utility room with the hope that at some point we have warmer weather.  I need to dig out some of my potatoes that I thought would be good for Christmas, but they were so small I left them in the bags.  Covered in snow at present so that will have to await.

We have ordered a few bits to keep in the cellar in case the main roads get blocked or like the other week, flooding.  

Have been watching Doomsday Preppers on Netflix.  Have you seen it?  Wow, some people are intense arent they.  It is an interesting watch as the Preppers are marked out of 20 on 5 categories and it is to see how long they would last in their "worst case scenario".  One man even went to buy a helicopter and had already spent $250k on prep.  His score was still really low.  One of the highest scorers was a man who had hydroponics at his bug out location. (its an American TV programme). 

I have just finished reading the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.  It has been made into a TV series called A Discovery of Witches.  With the very lovely looking Matthew Goode, *Phwoar*.  I have started reading another book that is about the next gen (evolution) of people who use more of their brain and it makes the immortal.  It is young adult fiction and I am liking it as it is a really quick read.  I dont know what to read after.  We will have to see.


Raybeard said...

I was just thinking the other day that this has been (so far) the first Winter I've experienced or remember, no matter where I happened to be living in any one year, where we've got so far into the season without my seeing even one flake of snow, not even falling then immediately melting when hitting ground. But the operative words are 'so far'. Nonetheless, with a bit of luck it'll stay that way for another few weeks. I think this might just be true for large swathes of the rest of England too.
However, I see that it's far from the case for the likes of you in northern zones. Sorry to rub your nose in it. (Heh heh!)

Sol said...

Hey Ray great to hear from you. I am still not in the swing of blogging yet. The weather is not the best right now. I drove to the train station this morning and as we came out of our valley there was no snow. The hills seem to keep it all in, or all out. I never realised how much the weather affected me. I can cope with rain, but the darkness and the cold wind here are eating away at my happy. Hope the weather is good there. I would like some sun for the summer this year. I have great plans for the gardens.

Raybeard said...

I find the best way to cope with snow is to look at it from the other side of glass - when it's most picturesque, in fact. Once you're actually in it, the crunching sound may be initially attractive but the magic soon goes and it gets cold, uncomfortable and awkward.

(Good to find you blogging as and when you can).

Sol said...

It has rained all night Ray. I prefer this as it is something I know. Snow and driving in it are not my favourite things at all.