Thursday 12 April 2018

Easing back in

I am not sure what to talk about, but whilst I formulate my book reviews, I thought I would show you some pictures from here.

Life sure has been different since we have moved.  I walk so much now, all around the coastal paths, I try to find one new to me beach a week.  Apart from the odd day where we had snow, it is defo warmer down here.  At our house it would seem that during the winter, the mornings are sunny and the afternoons over cast or a little drizzle.  

Above is on the coastal path 

This is the coastal path near Mevagissey

Portmellon and Mevagissey in the distance

This was an evening walk with the dogs.

I am trying to show you how tight the roads are here and how steep they are.  One very tight car width.

Ok, this is the start of me trying to blog again.  What are you up to?


Elaine said...

I am thinking that I live in the wrong part of the country!

How beautiful it all is. Do you have to drive out somewhere to begin your walks, or do you start from home? Lucky dogs, they look as though they are thriving on their new life and I hope you are, too. Nice to have you back.

Raybeard said...

Been wondering about you, Sol. Good to have you back, even if you may not yet be quite in operational mode.
Happy to see the dogs too. Any pics of pets are never wasted on me.

That reading timetable list, clearly now needing revision, throws up the old frustrations in that more than a few I have read, mostly more than once, but have now disposed of them and I'm reluctant to buy them again while trying to minimise my possessions for whenever my move comes - though of course a book is hardly 'furniture'! However, any move is unlikely to be soon as rents in Oxford (to where my heart is set in moving) and even just outside the city, are well beyond what I can manage. But if the chance comes, I'm off like a shot.
I'll await your own ideas re resuming the book-reading.

Other than that, not much happening in these parts.
We await your next.

Jules said...

It's lovely to hear from you and to see some gorgeous photographs. The scenery there is stunning, although I'm not sure I'd enjoy driving those narrow streets.
I hope you're nicely settled now, the dogs certainly looks happy. X

Tom Stephenson said...

Nice place to live.

DUTA said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of your new surroundings. It looks like a highly worthy place. Enjoy your life there!

Sol said...

Hi Elaine, for the coastal path I can just go to the beach and walk east or west. The beach is at the bottom of the hill here. The dogs are no longer allowed on our beach unless on a lead. They wont like that much, so we will be tramping the coastal path to some more secluded bays where dogs are allowed. To get to the other beaches that I am trying to visit each week, those are car journeys, mainly to the north, I am looking for good places for us, as it would seem if the weather is bad on this coast (south), the north coast is good weather. The north coast is a lot more popular with tourists, so we are scoping out places where it isnt such nice sand to avoid families.

Hey Ray, dont worry about the books if you have read them previously you could give a comment on what you remember. No problems. It is hard waiting to see if you can move or not. I love Oxford so would be super happy for you to be able to move there.

Hello Jules, some of the roads have been hair raising when driving. I have had to put myself in the ditch twice as the people behind arent able to reverse when tractors are coming. The dogs are loving it, although they still arent used to us having neighbours, one has yappy dogs and the other side is a poodle that one likes and the other is scared of and runs away from.

Hi Tom, I would still live in Bath if I could, but we cant afford it and I dont want a mortgage. Hope you are well

Hey DUTA, its hard to take a bad picture down here when on the beach or coast.

Mac n' Janet said...

Welcome back, looks like you moved to a beautiful area.

northsider said...

Great to see you back on the blogging horse Sol. Wonderful photos too.

Sol said...

Hey Janet, it really is pretty. I am thick in Poldark country here.

Hey Dave, I wouldnt say I am back, back, I cant think of anything to blog about.

northsider said...

Just tell us about your new life in Cornwall and what you're doing around the house and we will find it interesting.

sadie c said...

Beautiful. I love Cornwall, such a beautiful place. The narrow roads scare me though, makes me very happy I can't drive!

Good to see you back xx

wisps of words said...

Just came over from "Elaine's" delightful blog.

Hello to you!

You say you are trying to blog again, and that sounds wonderful. Even though I go through 'dry spells,' I never stop blogging for long. :-)

What gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous areas you have, to walk!!!!! Oh mercy how beautiful. Lucky you! I would so love to have an ocean view. But I can enjoy yours. As long as you keep sharing such photos, with us.

wisps of words said...

Yes, do tell us about your new life in Cornwall. That would be oh so lovely, for blogging topics.

I am in the upper North East of the US, and everything about your area, is a delightful unknown to me. I'd so love to learn more. I adore British countryside blogs.

Please keep it up! :-)

Sol said...

Hey Sadie, dont worry the tight lanes frighten the heck out of me. I had to reverse up the coastal road from Portmellon to Mevagissey the other week. VERY hard job as it is so tight, but also as there is a wall that drops off the cliff and the other side is either cliff face jutting out stone or houses. SCARED was exactly what it was. Luckily I have a very skinny car (nissan note) and it is automatic which really helped me else I probably would have burnt the clutch out.

Hello Wisps of Words I am finding it really hard what subjects to talk about. At the moment I keep wanting to write about food storage but I dont really think people appreciate that side of my life. Some Brits would say it borders on paranoia, but I do it to budget the heck out of the money I have and food storage really helps with spreading the costs and lowering them.

Yes, we are very lucky to live here. if you look at my blog from time gone by, you will see that we are serial movers who renovate each house. This is number 15. Most of my life in Cornwall so far that has been building work and walking dogs. that is about all of it in a very short sentence.