Sunday 15 April 2018

Apple Trees

First of the apple trees that we have nearly freed from all of the brambles.  still so much to cut back to the boundary.  Super thick and over grown, we need to put better fences up to keep the dogs in.  

Happy weekend everyone!


northsider said...

Those trees look magnificent specimens Sol. Wish we had trees like that. Sheep-wire and stakes makes a quick and cheap fence and an hedge will soon disguise it. Raining here.

local alien said...

That looks like a lot of work. A bit scratchy with the brambles?
I agree about fences and neighbours. Each to their own

Sol said...

Hey Dave, We have found a lot of lattice wood around where the previous owner made 'rooms' in the garden. I know they buffer the wind, but we cant see where the dogs are and we want to put in a large patio/deck (we havent decided on the material yet as we have a ground source heat pump, so we have to take advise on this first). its important for us to have an outside area to sit where the dogs are fenced off.

Hey Linda, I am covered in scratches all over my arms and face. I have had to put my hands in hot water and then honey as I have thorns that went straight through the gloves. I look a sight that is for sure. The people either side have dogs on one side it is really quite and sunbathes on the kids trampoline. On the other side they are really yappy and have extreme fence rage. they throw themselves on it. So we have to put up a wooden fence and then a wire one incase one of them tries to get through from the other side as they sound mean as snakes and scare Eric so much he shakes (Eric is our rescue dog).

sadie c said...

you have your work cut out there! Too right, fences are vital for good neighbourly relationships! :O) x

wisps of words said...

What a job that must be!!!!!

I think that what you call brambles, we call rogue vines. And they are vicious and all pervading. If one doesn't keep after them, they will cover everything.

Sometimes it seems, as if a person sat still near them, for very long, they would entwine around said person!!! -shuddddder-

Ahhhh, you had scratches and thorns.... Yes, brambles, something like wild roses, I'd guess.

So sorry about the nasty dogs next door!!!!!!!! Yes, you do have to protect your own pets, for sure. Poor Eric, the rescue dog. Hugs to him....

wisps of words said...

In this post, on which you commented... And thank you very much, for so doing!!!! These garages, are attached to very big old houses!!!!!!

Old buildings in our city, are called Victorian Style. This is a city, where rich people came to vacation. And built these huge homes, which they called "Summer Cottages"... LOL

The houses were big! So the carriage houses were big too! Our ordinary garages are not anywhere as big.

It is just fun, to walk on the alley, behind these big old places. All of which, are now owned and lived in, by today's rich people. :-)))))

We live in a normal house, around the corner... Along with other normal houses.

Sol said...

Hi Sadie, it has been a slog to get this far! ha ha

Hi Wisp of Words, sorry I have never heard of rogue vines, brambles are what we get blackberries from

Sol said...

Wisp of Words, those garages are bigger than some houses over here! lol