Wednesday 21 June 2017

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone! 2017

Good morning everyone!  HAPPY SOLSTICE!

Feels good that the weather is a little cooler doesnt it. 

Ahhh Solstice.  For some it is a little sad, as they think it is the half way point and from here on it is darker days.  Lets not think that.  Lets think it is 6 months to the next solstice, makes it seem AWaaaayyy over there→→→→→→, right?!

What are you up to?  We are off to my friends house to dance our bums off after a BBQ dinner.  The neighbours are joining us dont worry.  (She is one of my Stonehenge Solstice going buddies).

On the 24th we are celebrating with family, there will be lots of seafood (and veggie alternatives), the kids can stay up till they drop asleep on their feet.  We are going in big as it is the weekend (and when my family would normally get together at Michelmas it will be a week day, boo hiss)

Book review will be tomorrow!

Have a lovely day, remember to be 'Sun Safe'.

***************Happy Solstice!****************


Raybeard said...

Now Winter draws on, Sol, which right now would be most welcome - well, for maybe five mins.

Btw: I've nearly finished 'Purple'

Sol said...

Hey Ray, happy solstice! a little cooler would be lovely. 21 oC would be lush right now.

Ohh exciting that you are already reading the colour purple. I hope you are enjoying it.

local alien said...

Youre gonna have a great solstice I can see. Ours is very dull this year. No jumping fires, feasting or dancing as of old.

kymber said...

Happy Solstice Sol! this is our favourite time of year - it's finally summer here! we did our happy dance in the hottub last night, out of the hottub and running around the yard and then back in the hottub! the summer solstice means river and beach days for the next 3 months - we love summer solstice!

sending much love, as always! your friend,

Sadie said...

Happy Solstice to you too Sol!

Ah, now, you know me. This marks the 'getting closer to autumn' point for me. And THAT is what keeps me going !


Raybeard said...

Are you okay, Sol? Getting a little bit concerned at the silence.

Gillian Roe said...

I love it when people really celebrate the solstices and I think yours sounded fab. We swam in the sea the night before, but I was at work on the day. I might try to make a little celebration of the winter solstice in December. But there is still lots of summer to be enjoyed before we think about that! x