Tuesday 20 June 2017

Looking at houses is hard work

Please excuse any weirdness on my blog right now.  My blogger account seems to be having a wobbly (thanks Dani for pointing out the broken bits!).  I may have switch to another blogging system as it has been hard work the last few weeks.  I apologise that I havent been reading your blogs and commenting, my blog feeder where I have followed your blog hasnt been working and I havent been getting you up dates.  Sorry about that, please leave a comment if I havent left a message/comment on your blog lately. 

 *Now on to todays post!*

Its a completely different ball game when you are trying to find a house that you are looking at to do up and move up the ladder.  You have to flip your brain to find a house to stay in.  The forever home is elusive it would seem.

My head and heart are still divorced, all I see is a spreadsheet and what it would be worth after.  Its like I need someone to inject me with "fall in love with a house" juice.

(I think the problem is, there arent a lot of house with land in our price range.)

Lots of people I know, say that when they went through the front door of their house, they got the warm and fuzzies.  Yarp, no fuzzies.

Looking for a forever home is really hard work.

(Nice and hot isnt it.  Although we did turn the air con on last night.  You know, for the dogs...  They have been following me around and collapsing on the floor, any tile will do.  Bathroom floor seems to be the favourite right now.)


local alien said...

Patience. One day you will walk into your ideal house. Or you'll feel the potential and the excitement...I am sure!

Sol said...

Hey Linda, I hope we find something. I did see a house with land but someone beat us to it. :(

Dani said...

Good things take time otherwise they wouldn't be good they'd be everyday. Don't lose hope and motivation - what will be, WILL be ;)

Sol said...

Hey Dani, I think we are going to have to flip another house to get the money together. The houses with land are just that little bit above our price range it would seem

Tracy said...

It'll happen - everything was out of our price range for what felt like ever but we found out home which we love dearly as you know. I did feel exactly the same as you when going through the process and look at us now, 18 months on. Keep smiling. PS My blogger is doing the same, or people are posting a lot more - I don't know which yet. :D

Mac n' Janet said...

We found our forever home, except for the fact we're getting too old for it and need something smaller. We had to travel from California to Georgia to find this house, but it was worth it.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I'm not so sure there is such a thing as a perfect house. It can only be right for the time you need it to be and lots of compromises can often be needed. It took us many house moves between 1979 and 1992 to get to our 5 acres and then 2 more to get to peace and quiet here. Both places were/are right but may not always be.
I've got a post in drafts about our moves........I'll post it tomorrow.

Sol said...

Hey Janet, I am glad everyone keeps saying its worth it, its miserable driving around in a car looking at present. so warm at present. if we didnt have to look I would be with the dogs in the shade in the garden.

Sol said...

Hey Sue, I would be glad to read it. I am worried about too much compromise. We will see what happens.