Thursday 29 December 2016

Read a long number 3

How are we all?  We are doing well and Chez Sol.

I've already started Lolita.  It is a lot easier read than the first book.

What have you been up to?


Anonymous said...

I have been up to pretty much nothing, other than reading early 20th Century women writers such as Richmal Crompton (not the William books) and Elizabeth Jane Howard etc. and having a holiday in Argyll whilst hunting for locally distilled gin.

Sol said...

How exciting to be in argyll. We havent been there, been to Glencoe and Fort william. We are looking at a motor home. Saw one today, it was a bit messy - that is the nicest word for it. We will keep looking. We may have to convert a van. We will see. Have a lovely time in Scotland, keep safe and warm!

local alien said...

Life on hold till after Xmas, new year and 6th January. Life will get back into a routine again. I either seem to be cooking or cleaning. Thank goodness new years day we go to daughter's house.

Not getting much reading done at the moment...or reading . Feeding the fire, TV and knitting

Sol said...

Hey Linda, it seems to be frenzy pitch here. I dont know what is going on! lol

We have had the wood stove on every day. it was -4 oC when I went to work yesterday. -2 today.

Raybeard said...

Hi, Sol. Still here and, in recovery terms, we've very nearly made it all the way now.
Lolita's beckoning to me from the shelf for a second perusal. Just got to get my monthly reading of a Willy Shak out of the way first (Jan it's 'All's Well TEW') then I'll take her down. Will she impress as much as first time? Remains to be seen.

Have a Happy NY whether or not you're seeing it in (I suspect you will be - I won't.) And we'll 'speak' again in 2017. Tata for now!

Sol said...

Hey Ray, I will be seeing the new year in as we have guests. Else I would go to bed! lol

Have a nice night Ray. And best wishes for the new year!