Wednesday 21 December 2016

A Christmas Carol - Review

I really enjoyed this short story.  A quick read that kept my attention and has made me want to read the rest of the Charles Dickens books bound in my copy.

I think I would like to read it again when I have a little more time and then make it a read every year in the run up to Christmas.  

I have learnt a few new words like, skreek and excrescence.  

Once again I am really loving the process of the read a long.  This time it was more enjoyable than when reading North and South.  

Tomorrow I will post a list of the parts I liked the best.

Till tomorrow, be kind.

Sol xxx


local alien said...

Glad this was a more enjoyable read. Will lost my comments soon too

Sadie said...

excrescence! that is my favourite word in the entire book. A pendulous excrescence on the end of a nose that shakes like the gills of a turkey-cock is quite the description!

Merry Christmas


Tracy said...

I think next year I will enjoy taking part in something like this, I shall plan it in! :)

Sol said...

Hi Linda, I cant wait to read it.

Hi Sadie, I am loving the read a long. Why did I not do this earlier? Merry Christmas to you to.

Hey Croods, all are welcome join in when you want, dont when you dont fancy the book. I am using this to read the classics.

northsider said...

It was a brilliant book Sol. Charles Dickens social reformer with a quill for a sword.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, I hope you are well. It certainly was a good book. I am hoping everyone is enjoying the experience, if not the actual books. I am actually learning quite a few words as I have had to look them up in the dictionary.