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Monday, 19 December 2016

Oca Harvest 2016 = FAIL

From the 16 ocas I put into containers, this is the harvest.  That is a 20 pence coin.   2cms wide, just under an inch.  FAIL.  The culprit, I suspect is drainage, I think they may have been water logged.  Live and learn.  Maybe not a food source for us.

To make you all feel better here are Eric and Marta, because sleeping in your own bed is too much hassle.


Jules said...

That photograph is just precious! Adorable. X

Sol said...

Hi Jules, they are pretty cute together, although some of their play looks quite over the top. Hope you are well!

The_Croods said...

Oh no and oh wow! In that order. A few people seem to have been disappointed with their Oca harvests this year. At least you have those beauties to looks at and make you smile :)
We live and we learn

Sol said...

Hey Croods, I was hopefully about the ocas, but the harvest was awful. :( we will have another look at them in a few years once we have moved, are settled and have a bit more garden to allow for such small yeilds. As I really just put them in a pot and left them. Probably not the best way to grow something. it was a trial, it wasnt very precise.

The dogs sure make me happy. Eric is running around and around the sofa at the moment as there are cows on the TV on a programme called This Farming Life which is based in Scotland.

Hope you are well!

local alien said...

Hi Sol. Are those also called yams?! If they are, we used to eat them often back home in nz. Sorry it was such a bad harvest. You must try again!

Sol said...

Hey Linda their common name is New Zealand yam. lol I was laughing when I saw those few tiny things. lol We will try again when we have moved. Hopefully I say when we have moved!!! lol

northsider dave said...

I have never had a year when one vegetable crop doesn't succeed to disappoint or amaze me Sol. It's always one foot forward, one foot backwards isn't it? Great photograph of your canine friends.

Janie Junebug said...

That's the best photo I've seen in a long time.


Sol said...

Dave, I have never had such a poor harvest.

Hey Janie, they sure are sweet together