Monday 18 July 2016

We All Need a Laugh...

I needed a laugh, please also enjoy the above YouTube.

As nail guns fire over my head, builders are singing off tune, the building inspector has been and gone.  We still have full skips on the drive.  

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I have turned into some mad crazy Womble, who seems to think that every single piece of wood coming out of the loft, could be made into something or at least burnt in the stove.  The garage and greenhouse (the greenhouse that gets no sun and is rotting away slowly), are completely full with bits of stuff.  In years to come someone is going to be here for one of those Hoarder TV programmes where they ask the person "Why did you keep this?  Does it have any significance?"...  there will be a slow nod from me, "I dont know why I kept it or got it out of the skip to tell the truth"...  In my head I will be silently screaming "because the build was making me nuts?  I have to have all of the lumber from the skip incase it is cold and I cant help myself than pick it all out like Stig of the Dump...  I might of needed it right?",  *looks around crazy eyed* and mouths the words "My Precious".

Send help, I've gone Womble Mad!

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northsider said...

One person's trash is another person's treasure. There is a lot of good stuff thrown in builder's skips Sol. Thanks for the laughs.

Sol said...

in the skips it is just rubble and the wood I have been picking out. If I was more confident that hot nails wouldnt ping into the glass on the wood burning stove I would collect all of the strips that the tiles were hung from. They have found one ladies shoe in the floor of the old loft, that looks like it is from the 80's. Weirdly a boys pair of under pants, to the neighbours knowledge no little boy has ever lived in this house, a compass and some old coins.

Hope you are well

Harry Flashman said...

Don't stop keeping that stuff. I promise you, based on decades of experience, that the minute you get rid of something usable, you will find yourself in dire need of it within two weeks.

Sol said...

Hey Harry, there were some huge chucks, 9 inches by say 3 1/2 inch at least 10 feet long as they came from a room 10 feet. We hauled those out. and there are lots of new bits that are off cuts I have been saving. Plus all the little ends that can be used as kindling. We need a new wood store, or should I say a larger wood store. I saw a farm for sale in Cornwall, it had the perfect set up. Up high, long views, some woodland the buildings in a horseshoe shape. I thought this is perfect. Harry would approve. I looked at the price and nearly fainted £1.6million! ha ha