Friday 22 July 2016

And Now for something completely different

After what must have been the weirdest work telephone conference call  I have ever had in my life.  Lets look at something completely different from the building site that is my home.  Yes, I am working at home on my contract.  Yes, the dust is everywhere, huge clouds of it floating across the garden from where they are cutting the roof tiles.  Yes, I am slightly deranged at present.

The i key on my keyboard needs bashing to make it work, I *bash* suspect building dust.   I *BASH* have an extension cable into the falling down green house, where I am surrounded by bits of off cut timber.  My colleagues think it is idyllic working from home in the village...  They havent heard the builders swearing, 3 different radios, tuned to different stations, the nail gun banging. the hammering, the circular sawing the hole cutter going in the new bathroom.  It is all necessary, but boy is it loud at the moment.  I therefore give you the above YouTube of Time Warp Wives, (although I think I have posted it before).

Enjoy everyone.  I hope you are having a good time in the sunshine and will have a brilliant weekend.

Be kind 

Sol x


rusty duck said...

Ah, the builders' radio. Ours have a Makita one (maker of power tools). It's built like a tank. Even if 'someone' were to 'accidentally' drop it out of the window I have no doubt it would survive.

Sol said...

Hey Jessica, they have those here. They leave them out in the rain. now they build those radios like that, but you roll into a pole with the reversing sensors on and the whole back end of your car needs fixing as it folds in on itself? Maybe power tool companies should manufacture cars

Hope you are well and enjoying the weather

Harry Flashman said...

Sol, it's odd you posted that video about people trying to live in the past. I just watched a television program about the same phenomenon in America. People were even buying vintage cars to complete their own little worlds.

It's sad things have gotten to that extent, but then, I live way out in the woods because I just don't want to live in the same environment those people are trying to escape.

Sounds like you are really getting hammered by everything going on. One thing I do when I get stressed out, is this. The wife and I go to some small town further up in the mountains, and get a little cabin on the lake with a floating dock. We can de-stress there. Maybe you could find something like that close by that wouldn't put you in the poor house.

Sol said...

hi Harry, I think a lot of people find life too fast now, instant everything. Phones that have emails on them, both from work and personal. Ping ping ping. Facebook updates, ohh look at all the fabulous things I am doing. Your boss thinking that it is ok to send emails after 6 pm, people then feel oblidged to read it and sort it. So really you are on call all the time, your brain is going constantly. People are also scared, they are trying not to show it, but I know a few people who have said that they arent flying any where this year and these are people who if they didnt go abroad for 4 weeks of the year they think they are hard done by. People want to slow down, disconnect.

I like the sound of the cabin by the dock. We go to Devon and Cornwall and visit family. Nothing better than a walk along the edge of the sea with my mum and dad, putting the worlds to rights and a nice cup of tea back at the house. Bliss. am I right?

Hope you are well. I will try and get some more pictures for you to show your wife. its all very Property Brothers here right now. But we are crazy enough to be living in it whilst it is done.

Elaine said...

Stay strong! You will soon be enjoying the result of all this chaos - truly - though it may take a while for your brain to adjust to peace and calm, or perhaps that's just me!
I haven't watched all the clips, but wow! I can really see the attraction of it all, escape into the past and into a slower-paced fantasy world.

Sol said...

Hi Felicity, I can kind of appreciate the space it has made. And all of the natural light. I was very worried about it being dark in the attic. The rooms are larger than I thought. Its very hard to imagine the rooms before the plaster board as you have to guage where you thing the ceilings will be. But you are totally right, we arent going to know our selves when it is done and it will be a real adjustment after a few months in just a few rooms. We are very fortunate that our lounge is large so it could take a superking bed base and the mattresses. Both the bed and the matress are in 2, like 2 single beds that zip together. The headboard is in here. The flooring for the hallway. 2 Malm ikea chest of drawers, a computer desk 3 desktop towers, 2 sofas, a coffee table, a captains chair, shoe racks... the list goes on and on! lol

I agree it is an attractive life being a time warp wife as there seems to be less to worry about. it is pure escapism

Hope you are having a lovely weekend