Monday 25 July 2016

Put it in your calendar

"Schools out for summer!", *air guitar*.

I am going to upset a few people with this post, I am going to talk about the seasonal big C.  If you cant take it, go and have a cup of tea in the sunshine.  Come back tomorrow!

For the rest of us here, that are obsessed with being on time for everything and hate people who say "oh my god!, its nearly Christmas, where has the time gone?!?!".  Seriously people, Christmas is the same date every year get your selves together.

As there are so many of us, and some of us are more fractured in our individual families (through divorce, (which parents year is it?), being in another country, will the baby arrive before, after, during?).  We have to plan in advance.  We used to sort it on Boxing day, but with it getting to the point of Great Grandchildren, it is a logistical nightmare and the RAF tent we have no longer holds us all in my Parent's backgarden.  It is now a case of book your seat, if you dont say yes now, then you arent coming.  Harsh but true.

This weekend I have conference called, text and emailed.  Book your seat now.  I have seen a Holiday Home that we can rent for the 2 weeks really cheaply, and that has 2 rooms that have a divider and we can seat everyone, with babies on laps.  Time is of the essense.  

The stuffing competition is on again, lets hope my Niece doesnt win for a third year!  

The emails of what food people will bring have already started to arrive.  It would seem that the younger generation are more into getting sorted for Christmas than the older generation.  This is your reminder Family of mine, reply before Sunday!  Thank you.

I have already bought my Saint Nicholas (6th December) sweets, that were on offer in Tescos, reduced to clear.  Jelly Beans and ET's favourite - Reeces Pieces, expiry date 2018! Go for them people - you canfind them in the World Foods Aisle...  Clog filling is high on little peoples minds.

Got to be ready.  Got to be planned.  The spreadsheet is ready.  

Lets prepare.  Are you planners?  Or fly by the seat of your pants people?  If you save £10 a week till Christmas you could have the money to buy all of your food for the festivities.  There are 22 weeks to go!  Ready,Get Set, SAVE!


Elaine said...

Sol, you are a woman after my daughter's heart. She was discussing dates for making cakes, mince pies and mincemeat, yesterday. We have just rearranged our kitchen, made it much more user-friendly for communal baking or dining, so she thinks we should induct Mingming into the ways of an English Christmas this year. Our kitchen will be perfect for the cooks and grandchildren of the family to gather together for baking sessions - I hope they hang around long enough for a communal clear-up session, too.;0

I hope you manage to get sensible responses from your extended family, it sounds brilliant fun.

Anonymous said...

We don't do anything at all for Christmas except have dinner and that is rarely a roast. No decorations, no gifts, no tree, no cards sent but we always get a lot sent to us. Above all, there is no stress.

Sol said...

Hey Felicity, when it is all planned out, it is really nice. Everyone pitches in. No stress, much easier to turn up, everyone brings a little something with them, eat food, veg out. Plus everyone brings plastic tubs and tupperware to take the left overs away. no turkey curry for weeks this way. Everyone enjoys it, there are enough kids of every age that no one is left out. We set up the wii for the little kids who play bowling with the adults and the 4 year up have the xbox in another room. Although last year the all played mixed scrabble (2 children to 1 adult teams) and others just snoozed or went to the beach.

I cant wait to see what Poppy makes. What ever, this year not only will it all be delicious at your house, Poppy can make it a work of art with her veg carving!

Hi Toffeeapple, hope you are well. We go all out, this and Easter are big events where everyone comes from all over for. We are all over the place the rest of the year so it is really nice to have some together time. Although the games do get intense when people get a bit too competitive!

northsider said...

I love a planner Sol. I don't like Christmas any more since my parents passed away. Wish I could hibernate and wake up when it's all over. Or better still. Wouldn't it be good to go somewhere warm for Christmas?

Sol said...

Hi Ya Dave. Ive always fancied the Caribbean for Christmas, but I worry each year is the last one with my parents. Time is precious, isnt it. Hope you are well.

Janie Junebug said...

You are super organized. It makes life easier, doesn't it? I was organized for family holidays when my kids lived at home. I don't understand people who say on December twentieth, But I'm not ready for Christmas. I always tell them that Christmas will come whether or not they're ready. Some people put too much pressure on themselves, but a lot of the pressure comes from procrastination and from taking on responsibilities that they don't want.


Sol said...

Hey Janie Junebug! How are you? We dont do pressure as we have it all nailed down before the end of September, as people have to buy flights if they are coming from abroad. I think as we get larger as a family, we will end up web caming Christmas. Every family puts in £5 per adult for drinks and £2 a child. It isnt all quite covered but I dont mind that, lol we dont want freeloaders. Do you do this when you have family over?

Tracy said...

Ooooh I love Christmas, especially this year with it being our first in the smallholding. It's fabulous isn't it. I've already asked family over but they have their own traditions which they may not want to change just to join us, though I'd be really pleased if they did!
I love the picture on this post, I shall make a mental note of it.
People bring food and drink with them but I shall do the bulk. I plan on a table fit for a King and then to make sure all the leftovers are used too.

Sol said...

I have just left a comment on your blog. I am stealing your book idea for the veggies. I think I will add things from my weather station once it is up and running.

The picture is one I took at the Harry Potter Studios in Watford. Gosh I loved that place. They have the train there now. I cant wait to go back.

We have a lot of food, but everyone takes bits home with them. We fight over the stuffing! LOL Lots of vegetarians this year, us included so that is something else to think about! Thanks for your comment.

Harry Flashman said...

You folks having a family reunion or invading Normandy?

Our family reunion is held every five years in South Georgia. Last time, about 230 people showed up. I wasn't one of them. Everybody with our last name that is in the family genealogy book gets invited. Amazing how many of them go down there to clean and tidy the graveyard, eat watermelon and chicken, and roast in the sun!

Sol said...

Hi Harry, Posh Boys family have a clan meeting every 10 years, we go to the Highland games and the last time there was over 300 adults there. From all over the world. Lots of Canadians, a lot have started to, what we call Return. Their ancestors left for the new worlds when the Clearances happened. Many of his family have started to move back to the Mother Land as so to speak. Next clan gathering is 2019. We were only laughing about this the other day, that I was only allowed the tartan after we had been together for 5 years. If I wanted to wear it before I wasnt allowed the family colours. I was presented with my tartan, which needs replacing now, as some moths have had at it. When we next go I will go for a fitting and get a new skirt, my sash and shoes are good for a few more years. Granny Mac gave me my sash, which makes it extra special as it was her mothers. Granny Mac is in her late 90's and the sash was her Mother's (she was also English, it was therefore thought fitting). It has been said it was from her Mother inlaws skirt when it was no longer wearable. (ie through wear it became short at the back from dragging on the ground. We wear the skirts long, and must touch your shoes and be just below the ankle bone for ladies. Where when you see lots of pictures now, they wear it short, but this is for dancing only or young young girls... Or so I am told) Does your Wife wear the tartan of your family?

Sorry to disappoint there were 35 of us last year, Normandy is therefore safe from us. 35 not including babies. We hire all of the glasses and crockery from the supermarket. My parents are just touching 80, its too much for them, so I organise it with my Sister, to keep the promise my Mum made my Gran of keeping the family together.

Next time your family get together you should go, its good for the soul to be amoung your own people. And like my Brother says, "you never know when you might need an organ transplant!" lmao

Gillian Roe said...

Haha, loved this post! People get so narky about discussing Christmas early but I think from September onwards it's fair game. And it sounds like you need to be organised early with such a large family. I hope you managed to get something booked.

Sol said...

Hey Gillian, I hope you are enjoying the summer. People get really mad, but they are probably the people who dont have to heard a family and stuff them into a too small room if they dither. lol