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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

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At the weekend, I change the bedding from the winter duvet to our summer duvet.  Like when I hang my laundry out it rains...  Change my duvet and it snows.  I wonder if this is my super power?

Not much going on around here.  Same old same old.  Work, eat, sleep repeat.  

The loss of Victoria Wood has been a slap in the face and then Prince.  This year is the pits.

The fabulous Queen of ours turned 90 and she is still extremely active and going strong.  

Which leads me to Obama visiting.  I am not normally political.  But we, the people, shall decide one way or the other, its called democracy.  I think he forgets that.  It reminds me of the speech given by the Prime Minister, (played by Hugh Grant), in the film Love Actually.  In or out we should not be bullied, its our future.

I am reading one of Ben Fogles books. the Accidental Adventurer.  I found it in a charity shop whilst looking for a cat carrier.  Obviously cat carriers are not normally found on the book shelves.  But you cant look in a charity shop and not look at the book shelves can you.  And when I saw Mr Fogle there, I had to snatch him up.  Pwoar.  You all know I have a thing for him.  Now I have his book.  lol  I first came across him when he was on the Island of Taransay, in the programme {Castaway}.  The book is quite good, although I prefer {Ranulph Fiennes} writing.

(I want to get a cat carrier in readiness for once the building works are finished we are getting a pet, could this mean that this may become our forever home?  Who knows.  A rescue cat, will be making its home with us.  I want to get a cat box that is only used to take it to the vet and another new box, for it to sleep in with blankets and feel safe.  Does that make sense, my friend thinks it is a waste?  What are your thoughts on this... Am super excited, can you tell?)


galant said...

I'm with you on President Obama's comments. It's had enough having to make a decision without an American president 'helping' us to decide.
Cats are lovely!
Margaret P

Sol said...

Hi Margaret. If anything people will vote out due to him saying stay in. its like the Scottish Vote they couldnt tell them what would happen after either....

We are hoping to get a cat before christmas if the build goes ok. we have decided on a rescue cat, although we saw a mama and all her litter on gumtree, all being rehomed even the mama cat. that makes me want to take them all.

Rachel said...

I don't know about what you say about pet carriers but I have a good one which is essential for taking strong cats to vets. Cats integrate in houses fairly quickly if they explore with the door shut for about six days. Then they like to go a bit further but will come back for tea.

You will have seen what I thought of Obama's comments on my blog probably. I agree with you Sol.

Janie Junebug said...

It's not a waste to get a carrier for the cat. Many dogs and cats go in their carriers of their own accord because it makes them feel safe.


Tom Stephenson said...

I employ a little man to carry my cats. I have just remembered that you have 'enabled' comment moderation, and so this may be the last comment I make here. I know this will be no great loss to you, but I have a very short attention span and I crave - nay, demand - instant gratification. Life is too short to go back and see if my comments have been approved of - nay, enabled - so farewell forever... sob...

John Gray said...

Id use the same box at least the little fella will be used to it

Annie's Journal said...

I enjoyed reading your honest opinion:) ...but I wonder how many are left and still able to think things out for themselves...or even bother to think about these things in life?

Sol said...

Hi Rachel, yes I did read your post. I cant wait to get a pet! lol

Hello Janie, that is what I thought but I dont want to cause stress with THE VET box. Having seen some you tubes where the cats hide or scratch I thought maybe 2. A safe one and a vet one.

Morning Tom, I never took the comment enabler down. So I have caught another comment from you! That was my dastardly plan!

Hi john, Ok maybe just buy the one I saw in the Pets home or what ever that big place is called.

Hi Annie, hope you are well. Candid thats me. That is why I dont post a lot. like the old saying, "got nothing good to say, dont say it at all..." I think it should be very black and white and the papers and the TV shouldnt be allowed to publish anything but pure figures. this is what it will be or this is what it will be. We will soon see, wont we.

Have a lovely day everyone!!!!

Rachel said...

I forgot about your comment moderation too. Me no like those things. Sorry.

Sue in Suffolk said...

All the cats we've ever had prefer to choose a different sleeping place every day or every time they sleep - ie most of the day! For the newest cat I had a cardboard box on it's side with something warm to sleep on and the top flap of the box down so there was just room to crawl in and hide. This lasted long enough - a few weeks- for Polly to get used to us and house.

And being a proper Suffolk person...........the more we are told what we Should do, the less likely we are to do it!

Jo said...

My summer quilt has stayed on the bed all through winter, shows how mild it's been as I'm usually one who feels the cold. I can't believe how many great entertainers we've lost this year, I thought Victoria Wood was very talented, one of the few comedians I'd have loved to have seen live. How exciting to be getting a cat. We got one just after we were married and we had him for fourteen years. I'd love another but my son's developed an allergy to cats, they bring on an asthma attack so it's a no no to cats for us now. What I would say regarding cat carriers is that our cat used to run and hide as soon as the carrier came out, he associated it with going to the vets so perhaps it would be a good idea to get two, or else just use the carrier for going to the vets and buy a cosy bed for it to sleep in, my cat used to love his cat bed.

Raybeard said...

Yet ANOTHER (potential) cat owner! Can hardly wait to see the lucky one - though who will be the luckier, it or you? Exciting times!

Harry Flashman said...

I am no Obama fan, and I was embarrassed when I heard about him preaching to the English about staying in the European Union. First, it's none of his business. Second, he's damn near ruined us and now he wants to start in on Britain?

I think you will like having a cat. We have one cat who lives in the main house, one cat who lives in the apartment, and two cats who live in the shop. The cats in the shop and apartment are "working" cats to keep mice out. I have about 8 "barn cats", their number fluctuates as they come and go. Some live here all the time and some of the big Tom's just come by here when they need a place to eat and rest up!

Sol said...

Sorry Rachel I like having the comment moderator on. Means I can reply to each and every person who comments and also after having trolls, it means I can stop people from feeding them by zapping the troll comments.

Sue, my mums cat likes a crisp box, remember when in the local shop they used to be in a box with a hole pushed in the front. one like that.

I think people are going to do what ever they want. We dont need, Germany, Belgium, France or the USA telling them what to think. They just need to make the facts clear. The UK pays this much into Europe. Europe gives back the UK this much. We are expected to take this many refugees in and this many out. Who is most likely to trade with us, what companies will leave if we are no longer in Europe (car manufacturers?). If all else fails, I am sure Putin will like us if we leave. When Scotland wanted to split, I could completely see it happening, for good or bad. Although I think if the vote happened again people would say the same, to stay. Due to all of their plans being based on revenue from oil. And as we have seen in the last year, it really has gone over peak oil and the prices fluctuate too much to be guaranteed. We will wait to see what happens. lol get your food storage in order. I think we are in for a rough ride.

Hi Jo, we have never had a pet. We are hoping to stay in this house for a while. To make it feel more loved and full. we have been wanting a pet for years now, but have never been in a place long enough. It is sad that you cant have another cat. They are so loving. Your thoughts about the cat box is what I also thought. But we could get it a pet bed and one of those tall things with hiding places...

Ray, you know I am a cat lover. we are hoping for a rescue cat, I did see 2 brothers that needed a home, but the house isnt finished and that would be cruel and frightening for them. So I have to wait. My friend adopted the brothers and they even go out into the garden now, after being very timid, as they were terrorised by a dog, in the home they were rescued from. So sad, but a happy ending. Got to love a happy ending.

Hi ya Harry, Obama is now mooning over Merkel. He has moved on.

I know I will love having a pet Harry, I cant wait. I think it will really make this house feel more homely. You sure have a lot of animals. Are you sure it isnt an ark you live in?

Harry Flashman said...

No, it's a last refuge for animals my daughter rescues then can't keep in her apartment. I understand the next thing we may have down here is a horse she saved. That's ok, I like horses and we have had them here before. That's part of why we had the meadow bulldozed out of the mountain side.

One of the shop cats just had kittens. 3 of them. I didn't even know she was "expecting". Now my wife just hollered down the stairs and said he mom isn't taking care of them, so she brought them in the house, bathed them, and put them on a heating pad. Now I am commanded to go into town in the Jeep and get some kitten milk at the store. I just finished putting the tarp over it as a big storm is due. Oh, well. As the saying goes here in the South, "if Momma ain't happy, then nobody ain't happy."

I hear and obey! ;-)

Sol said...

Hi Harry, well your a good man to give them all a home. The men are here doing the last measurements for the steel supports going into the roof when the building works are to be done. measuring and measuring again and again. I dont mind it means they are making sure its a good job.