Monday 11 April 2016

Hey Harry!

Hi Harry I hope you find this.  Where has your blog gone?  I have been asking after you.  I tried to send you an email through the followers 'send email' tab but it wont send anything as I am not in your group.

I hope you are well.

Sol xx


kymber said...

Sol - i'll put up a post tomorrow and let everyone know that i heard from harry 2 months ago saying that he will be extremely busy for the next few months and that's why he shut down the blog. he promised he will be back soon tho.

sending love. your friend,

Sol said...

Oh good Kymber, thank you so much for your comment. I wanted to make sure he is ok. He checked on me when I had my accident. I was very touched he thought about me.

Hope you are all well

Sol xx

Dani said...

Yeah - Harry closed his blog. Not sure if he's coming back to that particular one...?

Anonymous said...

This is why I like the internet - people who have probably never met, still care for each other, isn't it simply sublime?

Sol said...

Hi Dani. I hope he comes back even if it is invite only. up in the woods on his own when his wife isnt there I hope he is ok and so are his animals.

Hi Toffeeapple, I think we would be a real sight all of us meeting together. All 5 foot pip squeak of me and all of these strong people living near self sufficient. Out in the wilds or up mountains. Pals through the ether of the internet. It is amazing, isnt it.

Hope you are all well.

kymber said...

Sol - i just realized that i put up a post and didn't mention i promise to do one tomorrow. he promised he will be back as soon as he has taken care of all his business - stuff with his wife's retirement, taxes and stuff with the kids. he'll be back.

and i couldn't agree more with toffeeapple. as for our ragtag group getting together - we've got the land peeps and would welcome anyone who wants to do for themselves and work in a group together - and we don't care about race, religion, politics - whatever. you keep that stuff to yourself and we'd love to build a community!

sending love Sol. your friend,

Sol said...

Kymber, if Canada would take us, I would be there for your commune quick as you like. I could be 2nd in line for fishing duties and cooking.

Thanks for the info. I didnt know his wife was retiring. I do remember him saying she would like to go to Florida. or somewhere like that. What ever I hope they are all well.

Sol xxx

kymber said...

Sol - my american friend jane has owned land here in nova scotia for over 10 yrs...and for her to get canadian citizenship will take her 10's of thousands of dollars and years of wrestling with lawyers and canada customs. i have told her to move to syria, stay 6 months and then apply for refugee status. she could then get her canadian citizenship in less than 6 months. as awful as it sounds - the legal process for hard working americans, brits and europeans to get into our country is horrendous! but if you can claim refugee status - welcome!!! which as a canadian, i have no problem with. most of our immigrants integrate well and become lovely canadian citizens. but i just wish we wouldn't make it so hard on americans, brits and europeans to immigrate here.

just did an update post on our Harry Flashman - go have a peek!

sending much love! your friend,

Harry Flashman said...

Kymber told me you asked about me. I haven't been on the computer hardly at all in over a month. Lots of different things to deal with and I just couldn't do the blog justice. I didn't want to do something slipshod.

I took it off line completely. There wasn't any group of people who could get on it or anything like that. I just restricted it to me (I'm the only author) and disabled comments.

Before I did it I set up a five day notification so everybody would know what I was doing, but it wasn't enough and lots of people didn't get the word.

Kymber has been keeping an eye on me for years and I feel really badly I didn't keep in touch with anyone. Bad behavior on my part.

My wife is back now, we are doing pretty well. At our age it's expected a person will have medical problems and we do, but nothing we can't handle.

The dogs, cats, chickens, and ferrets are all doing pretty well , except Jet the Ferret has cancer but he is being treated by an exotic animals vet and he is comfortable.

Thanks for the kind words. They are appreciated.

Sol said...

Kymber we would be there in a shot. Although the snow would scare me the first winter.

Oh, Harry, So glad to hear you are well. And that your Wife is with you and doing well. I am sorry about Jet. Pets are family to, and I know how much it hurts when they are sick and you feel helpless.

Keep on trucking!

Nora said...

Hey Sol!

Loved reading the above....wonderful people.

And a big thank you from me too.....I haven't been on my blog since September last year...not well in the head department! Anyway, today, for the first time, I wanted to read some blogs and see what's been going on whilst I've been out of the loop and what greeted me?

A caring little message from you....made my heart sing and my spirits lift....

I am hoping to return soon, but I am on major burnout and can only just about manage daily life, in fact even that is a struggle sometimes!

Hope you and yours are well,
Nora :o)

Sol said...

Hi ya Nora, glad you are feeling better. Miss all your making bits and clothes etc. Life carrys you on a wave sometimes you have to go with it or go under. Hope you are looking after yourself and your lovely brood. Sol xxx