Tuesday 15 May 2018

Plants in the rubble

Found this in the rubble at the end of the garden.  I have no idea what it is.  Some one told me it is a dragon arum.  Any ideas?  It is in a small pot, it is about 2 feet tall, it could be a much bigger plant but it is pretty pot bound.

The leaves are approximately 4-5 inches long. And have these white lines on the veins.

The stem of the plant resembles lizard or snake skin.  Weird right?  Yes those are weeds in the pot, brambles and some awful one that if you touch it the seed pods explode and the seeds go EVERYWHERE!  They are like a weapon!

A new succulent, also found in the rubbish pile.  It is in a recycled pot and has long triffid tentacle!  See below.

I accidentally broke on if the stems trying to get it out of the rubble.  I have planted it in some soil to see if it will grow.  Lets hope so.

p.s. this table is sitting on the patio we unearthed.  getting good at finding things arent we.  I must be a Womble.


northsider said...

Wow Sol. I am also a Womble. I think you could be opening your garden to the public like Heligan. I just Googled your plant and it does look like a Dragon Arum. Raining here. I made over one hundred perennials today. All potted and ready to go. Love your patio table.

Sol said...

excellent on all of the perennials. This arum is also known as the voodoo lily? Apparently you can repel snakes with it. but delightfully if it flowers it smells like rotten meat and encourages flies for pollination, so we have that to look forward to! ha ha

local alien said...

What wonderful finds, Ms Womble. Worth all that hard work!

thrift deluxe said...

Wow, the stem of the plant is amazing! I can't remember how many plants we've discovered as we've cut away the overgrowth, so exciting.

Sol said...

Hey Linda, they sure are more exotic than I am used to. We still have so much more to do here. But we need the rubble to fill in the smallest pond. What a strange place to put them? a rubbish pile?

Hey Thrift Deluxe, gosh I hope we find some nice ones, your comment gives me hope!