Sunday 4 March 2018

All the P's

The above picture is vegeree, its a Jamie Oliver recipe.  Nothings special about it?  Well other than the yoghurt (white splodges), all of the ingredients came from my store cupboard or freezer.  The eggs came from the neighbour.  

It was delicious by the way.

I was talking to my sister earlier on the phone.  She had been to lunch with her family for a celebration, when they got to the restaurant the sign that greeted them outside said that they only had 5 items on the menu.  And that her son in law had gone to the supermarket to get some milk and a loaf of bread for breakfast and school lunches, he got there at 10.30 and there was no milk or bread in the shop.  Nothing.  He went to another store where he found milk, but the older couple in front had taken all of the full fat blue top milk from the shelf.  10 x 6 pints.  Now I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they were shopping for neighbours.  But really I think these people were freaking out.  The weather here was 11 oC today.  (I was out sorting fencing in a tshirt). Kind of late people, the storms have already been and gone.  Then I saw {pictures like this} and I was like 'WOW'.

On Thursday we had no water coming from the borehole as the pipes had frozen and I think the solar panel inverter failed.  We used a heat gun (that you would normally peel paint with) to heat the pipes gently, on the lowest setting from a distance.  We managed to get buckets and the bath filled for flushing the toilet.  In my food storage we have enough water for us and the dogs for 5 days. 

There is still some ice about and snow that is against hedges where the sun does not reach. Today we went to the beach and on the way there was a lot of mud on the road.  Were people being careful?  Nope, they were hurtling along the back roads at extreme speed. Dangerous people.  The roads near the supermarkets were choco-block.  Like the shops will never open again.  It was a little scary on the roads.

With this in mind I am going to revisit my stock pile as it is sadly lacking since we moved and I need to build it up.  If the bad weather had lasted any longer I would have run out of flour and yeast.  This is my new priority.  I also urge anyone who is dependent on tax credits and is going to be swapped over to Universal Credits, that they should be getting items in to their stores right now.  I hope you wont need it, but if anything you should be prepared for it to go wrong.  Dont wait for it to go wrong for you to think about having a small amount of food storage.  Yes, it will be hard, but go a brand level under that which you buy now if you have to or even if you can.  Get cans of beans and cans of new potatoes, they are only 19p in lidl.  We had those tonight cut in half and cooked in the oven as mini roasted potatoes, you can also make them in to provencal potatoes with canned tomatoes and herbs.  And dont forget, they taste excellent in homemade potato salad with mayonaise and a touch of garlic powder from your store cupboard.

Be prepared people, be the smug git who sits back and watches the scenes unfold, rather than the moaning minnie who journalists love to talk about on the TV and social media.  Best foot forward people be the winner not the victim.


Elaine said...

That is my kind of food, it looks delicious. I would eat that at any time of the day.

It sounds like your new life in Cornwall is suiting you, apart from the crazy drivers, and in all honesty they are everywhere...seem to think that it will never happen to them. The lanes in Cornwall are particularly tricky though.

Our little village was snowed in for a couple of days and the roads were practically impassable for a day either side of that, so it was a good test of our pantry and storage system. I always carry about a four week supply of cat and dog food - if the cats don't get fed they would make life a misery or turn to eating us! The dog is not nearly so bad, he would make do with us.
As for us humans, well it was a useful exercise. My husband is usually quite fixed in what he will eat, but he has now learnt that he really does like the kind of meals which I enjoy - similar the one you showed.
I had to stop watching the 'news' I can't stand those interviews and films of people who seem to deliberately go out of their way to get on the tv. Sorry, rattling on too much now.

Sol said...

Hey Elaine, I love this kind of food, it was very tasty. Cornwall is quite different in some ways even to Devon. It has its own time zone it would seem. Nothing runs on London time! lol

We were only stuck here for the 2 days with the frozen pipes we were quite lucky. The news gets on my nerves, people really do, do anything to get on the TV, 'oh poor me'. I hate it and I swear it has only started since the advent of social media, as in facebook, twitter, instagram etc. it seems that it is the done thing to moan all the time.