Wednesday 28 February 2018

Snow 2018

This was earlier, it is still coming down.  The bit under the bridge is one of the ponds.  My poor frogs!  You can now see how close the pond is to the house in the bottom left hand corner.  

I hope you are all safe.  The wind and snow seems to be coming straight off the sea.

There you go {Dave}, the first picture is the part nearest the house.  It looks better in snow.  It is covering up all of the mud and weeds and brambles that have started to grow again.

Hope you are all keeping warm and safe.

Sol xx

These are my own pictures so lets hope I dont have a problem.


Jules said...

I like the snow for how tidy it makes my garden look. Stay warm. X

Raybeard said...

Sick, sick, SICK of it, Sol. Saturday is now forecast to be when we'll be returning to a semblance of normality in these parts - I think it might be slightly earlier for you, or certainly not later - and whenever it is it can't come soon enough. And don't anyone DARE scoff at 'global warming' 'cos that's precisely what it is, the melting Arctic - so it looks like this is not likely to be a one-off. I won't be around to see it getting a bad as it could be, but I do most grievously pity those future generations suffering at the folly and denials of this present one. (So endeth the lesson!)

local alien said...

Wow loads of snow! Certainly covers everything

Sol said...

Ray, I hate it. I agree, I didnt live this close to the sea but when I was a kid, we NEVER had snow. I am right on the peninsula, sea on 2 sides and snow this much? its weird it has even been settling on the beach. There is something very wrong with that. Be safe Ray! stay warm with the cats

Hey Linda, its crazy this weather. but yes it does cover the crap that is my garden. it is dire. mud every where and it is slippery. Mud that you gather as you walk and need a knife to cut off as it clings to your boots! urgh hope you are warm there.

northsider said...

Thanks for the photograph Sol. I love the bridge. It gives it a Japanese theme. We're getting the blizzard on our peninsula tomorrow.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, I dont know if you can see, but the pond is very large and very close to the house, bottom left in the picture. We will be filling it in. Our little dog loves the bridge and sits there for a long time quite happily. We will keep the bridge for her! lol Where the bridge ends that was a wall of brambles and roses we had to hack back to get into the next bit of the garden. we need a digger for sure.

Raybeard said...

Down to just the ONE singular cat, Sol, (which I value even more than before) but thanks for your thought anyway. Yes, we're trying our darnedest to keep warm together. You do the same, right?

Sol said...

Oh no Ray, terribly sorry about that. That is sad to read.

We have the wood burner. it heats the whole house when going full power