Thursday 5 May 2016

If the World Makes You Blue...

Look at the older archive blog posts of {Dog Shaming}.  You cant help but smile.

Have a good day everyone!


kymber said...

hey hon - i nominated you for a Leibster blog award - you can check it out at my blog.

sending love. your friend,

Harry Flashman said...

Just staying in today. Cold, wet and blustery outside. It's so cold one of the ferrets escaped out the door when I went out, then he turned right around and wanted to be let back inside!

Sol said...

Hey Kymber I will have a look later. Thank you.

Hi Harry, the weather is crazy here, last week snow and hail, then blue sky. Then windy and raining all in one hour. Then today people were coming back from their lunch hours pink with sun burn. Crazy days. Ha ha the ferret had the right idea! hop you are well