Saturday 5 September 2015

Beautiful sight

Remember Steptoes yard in a previous post?

Here is a reminder.

The old oil tank on the left has gone and we now have this.

Yarp.  And it is also full now.  It looks wonky but it isnt, its my rather awful photography skills.  As you can see, it is made of those pallets and bits of wood that were on the floor. I am going to paint it as some point in Smurf blue. 

Womble-ing at its finest.


Elaine said...

Ah, that is a sight to gladden the heart.

Our log store also looks wonky in photographs, but then it is wonky!

Sol said...

Hey Felicity, I have a mad thing that I look at the radio oil tank gauge in the kitchen and stand there grinning. I have been caught with a smug stupid look on my face!