Friday 28 August 2015

Laptop Dead - Long Live the Laptop

If it doesnt rain it pours eh?  

Last night I turned my laptop on to finish writing a post and there was a pop noise.  Followed by a bigger pop.  

Then came the smell, of the first day you turn your radiators on after the summer.  That hot dust smell, where you havent cleaned behind you radiators properly.  The smell go worse and it became burning car clutch, mixed with electrical.

I flew out of my chair...Remember that when we moved in here, the electrics were a bodge job, and we didnt have an Earth.  I ran around the room, flapping my arms and shouting for Posh Boy to 

"get in here right now!!!!  SOMETHINGS ON FIRE!".

We both were like blood hounds sniffing around the room to find the problem.  

Moved away from my chair and back again.  Getting warmer, getting warmer HOT HOT HOT!  The power supply from my laptop was white grey on the top. 

We rushed the offending cable out of the house, opened all of the doors and windows.  The rain has been coming down side ways the last couple of days so this is the last thing we wanted.  

My laptop has needed a new battery for at least 3 years and has to be plugged in to work.

So that is kaput at the moment.

A new power supply and battery have been ordered.  £18.  Lets hope that does the trick, else I can see Christmas coming early and a new laptop on the horizon.

Either way, I hope you are all ok.

The house plods on.  We are off to order carpet for the downstairs bedroom this weekend.  Paint the 2 rooms, Finish the last coat on the dining room floor.  As it is a Bank holiday, who knows we may go mad and sleep in later than 6am!  Now that will be a treat.

So, for the weekend I will be again off line. I am typing this at my Friends house.  In case I am not back for a while.  

Lets call it a holiday.....  shall we?

Have a great weekend everyone.  Savour it.  The trees are already changing colour, but the sky is blue with no clouds.  I think Autumn is going to be spectacular this year.  But with all the berries we have on the trees is it going to be a harsh winter?

As they say on Game of Thrones..... "Winters coming".

With that I will bid you "Adieu".  For now


Harry Flashman said...

I'm glad your house didn't burn down. I live in fear of an electric fire here, as I live in a 30 + year old cedar log house with a shake roof. I never go anywhere with anything electrical like the air conditioner, dehumidifier, etc running in the house. I turn all that stuff off before I leave. My buildings are all festooned with smoke detectors and I have a radio monitoring system in every building that does nothing but transmit any noises from the buildings to a hand held receiver. If a detector goes off, I'm going to know about it!

Sol said...

we have fire alarms i am just scared of an electrical fire. its all ok now

Chickpea said...

Crikey that was scary for you! Lucky you were in the room to see it right away, I had an iron catch fire when I popped upstairs to get some shirt.

Sol said...

Hey Chickpea. Wow an iron. I am always wandering off when I turn ours on!

Gillian Roe said...

That looks dangerous! I'd be lost without my laptop, so I sympathise and hope the new cable works and you don't need to buy a whole new one.

I really do hope autumn is spectacular this year. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Sol said...

Hey Gillian! Hope you are well. The power cable really freaked me out. I am convinced this house is going to catch fire. I know it wont but the electrics were so bad when we moved in I keep convincing my self that they missed one little bit and that will be the bit. But as it happens it was my laptop.

Autumn is already underway. Cold outside and so many berries have you noticed that?

Tricky Wolf said...

Woah! glad it wasn't more serious, We hope your laptop is fighting fit soon so you can get on with your awesome blog,

All the best,


Caroline said...

Blimey, that could've been nasty. Glad it wasn't. Hope the laptop is OK once the new cord arrives.

Sol said...

Hey Fast SOS, awaiting the battery now. Back to full blogging soon.

Hey Caroline, yep it could have been nasty. I now have most things on one of those remotes so when I leave the room or we go to bed you dont have to go around the room switching off. you remote all of the plug sockets and I am no longer worried about them. Will be back to reading and commenting on all blogs soon!

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