Tuesday 16 June 2015


Winter is coming, as they say in Game of Thrones.

Above is some of the leylandii that were cut down.

It will be split and seasoned for a few years and burnt as starter fuel.  Please dont bother to leave comments that we shouldnt burn it.  I will in 2-3 years either way, you will just get mad at me when I mention it later.

This picture is for {Kev}, 'dont feel bad about your weeds'.  This is my front garden.
Piles of tongue and groove wood cladding, some other rubbish.
 Weeds as far as the eye can see.

And weeds in the gravel.
(The logs are in the front garden, on the drive, in front of the garage and in the back garden.  Our wood shed is going to be huge.  A lovely eye sore for all the people in the village with gardeners and seperate lawn care men.  Yes they have specialists for their lawns.  I am unsure of what they do that is special...)

Come back to me later whilst I think of an excuse for it...  lol


lovelygrey said...

My campsite has special lawns with daisies and rabbits. It is tended by a lovely man called Simon x

Kev Alviti said...

Thanks Sol, I feel better for that! As for the laylandi I say burn it! So long as you have a good woodburner it should be able to handle it and any heat that's free is a good thing!

I thought I might have been able to twist your arm to take part in my challenge from Friday - http://www.englishhomestead.com/2015/06/show-me-your-face.html
Only a bit fo fun though and I won;t be offended if you don't!

Sol said...

Hey Lovelygrey. I think a campsite is a bit bigger than the front gardens of the people around here. lol they keep looking around the garden wall and sneeking down the drive to see what we are doing here. lol they could be looking after their own lawns. lol

Sol said...

Hey Kev, I will be burning it. Never fear. We have a new wood burner. pics to come. I will see what I can do about the picture. Am not happy at the moment. I had a wee accident and ended up having to have 7 inches cut from my hair. Traumatised. 1st world problem and all that.

Am typing this from a camping chair in my lounge, I tres glam. I tell ya! lol

kymber said...

hey Sol - your yard looks like ours! and if i don't hear from you - Happy Solstice! and please do a dance for us! sending much love!

your friend,

Raybeard said...

Looks like some backbreaking chopping went into the first pic.

northsider said...

Leylandi should be ready to burn this winter if you keep it dry Sol.

Anonymous said...

There are piles of wood like that everywhere around here. We had a bad storm a year ago and tons of trees went down.

Sol said...

Hey Kymber! Lots of branches all over as well. I think they call it brush. It will all come good at some point. Got to live in the mean time. Defo lots of dancing. Last year some people got naked and people complained. Years ago loads of people got naked at Stonehenge on Solstice. lol Although one year there were people who kept breathing fire which was a bit of a hazard. but all in all Solstice is alway good and people are so friendly. Maybe you should start a festival over there. Maybe follow Midsummer like the Scandinavians. How cool would that be.

Hey Ray, the tree surgeons cut the rounds for us. We need a wood splitter now. I dont fancy doing all of that with a wood maul

Hey Dave, we wont burn it this year, when I wasnt working I split a billion pallets.

Hey Susie, do you have an open fire or stove?

kymber said...

Sol - thanks for dancing for us! we like nekkid but we like to do it by ourselves - bahahahah! we always celebrate the solstices...and the moons. we also dance every time it rains. i know that you will understand. i hope that you are having a wonderful time! and i send much love!