Thursday 18 June 2015

coming up roses

There are 26 rose bushes and climbing roses in the garden.

They are all coming up and then dug out in September.  They will go to their new home with my friend who can care for them and do them justice.

I actually have a real garden plan, for the front garden. whoop whoop

The back garden has to wait.  As it is where our main wood store will be and a large stone patio area.

We are investigating stone for the front wall.  It will be dry stone, then pillars and an electric gate.  Keep the riff raff out. lol

Just keep plugging away at it.


Anonymous said...

Well done. I planted some herbs. Call the press.

Raybeard said...

All these pics would grace any coffee-table book. Such visual pleasure! I take it you sniffed each of these - and that all their smells are subtly (or markedly) different?

Nora said...

Gorgeous. I have a rose in my front garden exactly like your first picture. Mine is called Alexander and I bought it because of my first born of the same name sporting his orange hair!

Your friend is very lucky to get such a fabulous gift x

Harry Flashman said...

Your roses and your photographs are beautiful, Sol. We used to have roses here but they never grew well in the Georgia clay, and the chickens finished them off. The most beautiful roses we ever had were those my wife grew in Naples. The volcanic soil from Vesuvius was perfect for roses.

Sol said...

Ha Ha Susie, I have done nothing to them they just happened. I have dead headed some though. Does that count?

Thanks Ray, Only a few had scent. I am not sure if that is how they are supposed to be or not. My favourite is number 2. When the light hits it just so it looks like it is a hot ember.

Hey Nora, unfortunately I dont have a good track record with flowers. if the needs special care they seem to die on me. Orchids are ok as they only need watering once a week at most and that is just putting them into a sink of water. Although I do leave the water in the sink like you would for goldfish bowls.

Hi there Harry, someone else did actually care for them at one point. My friend said some of them are rare ones. I cant do them justice so they will have to be moved to where they can be appreciated. Like they have some form of aphid on them. but I darent spray them even with water and soap. And some of the leaves have blotches on them. I can grow vegetables but flowers seem to slip by me.

Hope you are all well