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Monday, 9 March 2015

Hitting the Books

 Picture of the potions lessons in the Harry Potter Films

All of my exams as coming up now, so I am hitting the books.

 I'm left handed can you tell?

All of this is taking over at the moment and the moving out of our house.

I wont be as active reading blogs and commenting, which I love.  :(

It has to be done else I will be like the picture below on exam day...

See you soon!


Raybeard said...

Ones priorities do not often agree with what one wants to do, Sol, (alas!) so if you're going to be absent for an unusual interval we know that it's what you deem to be for the best. Good luck to you, then, directed to where it's most needed.

Sol said...

Im not going to completely disappear but I wont be reading the huge list of blogs I normally do. I have you, John Gray, Kev, framboise manor, and a few others on my feed thing so I will read those but the hundreds of others I have started to read have got to be culled, for now anyways. Hope you had a good weekend! Happy new week!

northsider dave said...

I'm left handed too Sol. Hope you find time to write a few posts of your blog.

susie said...

Lefty, huh? Are you right-brained or left-brained?

kymber said...

hey Sol - good luck with the upcoming examinations! we can't all always be online - i know that i have gaps of time where i just check in on every one's blogs - just to make sure that they are ok. i oftentimes don't leave comments because i only have 20 mins say...but that is enough time for me to scan through new blog posts and make sure that everyone is all right. again - good luck and let us know how it all goes once finished. we'll still all be here waiting to hear from you!

your friend,

Kev Alviti said...

Good luck with the exams, been years since I've had to study for anything. I was always a very keen student.

Sol said...

Yay Dave I am sure I will but I dont want to leave too big a gap

Susie, I have no idea what I am! lol messed up? yep probably.

Kymber, Thanks. I will need it!

Hey Kev, I havent been a student for years. It was mental when I first went back and no one was taking notes from the board. The Tutor stopped and everyone lined up and took a picture with their tablet or phone. I sat there and hadnt a clue what was happening. lol still dont.

rusty duck said...

Good luck and try not to get stressed. You'll be fine.

Suze said...

Best wishes. I am sure your "fast" will help.