Monday 16 June 2014


Picture from here
Rachel Khoo.  A girl after my own heart with her red lipstick, she actually looks strange to me when she is on the TV and doesn't have any lippy.  And her too DIE for dresses.  If she was my friend I would be jealous of her wardrobe...  Who am I kidding I am jealous right now.  Particularly love the red number above!  Gorgeous. 

Her new TV programme is currently airing on the Good Food channel.  I've just watched her make 'Shepherdless Pie'.  Yum, I could have licked the screen.  I will be making this next week. 

Here is the recipe.  Yum Yum.  A Vegetarian feast.

And I have also learnt the word for myself.  Flexitarian. 

There you go, you learn something every day.



Anonymous said...

I could easily be a know. Food shows always make me feel inadequate, somehow. I like her red lipstick, and used to wear bright colors but I don't anymore.

Sol said...

Hi ya Susie. It is a new to me word I think or I just plain forgot it. Who knows.

I wear lippy everyday and used to wear red. But then someone made comments and I kind of fell out of love with it.

I have to have a blue-ish red like the one she is wearing in the picture as I have darker skin like her and no the white/pink undertone that they seem to think all Brits have. same with concealer. It always has pink in it. I have bought one called Barry M. My skin tone is an exact match for number 2 Almond, in the winter. in the summer I am stuffed.

I have before stocked up like crazy when in Greece as all their make up has olive skin tone colours. and I have found 2 matches. Strangely you cant buy them on Ebay or amazon. When we go back I will buy more.

I wear a lot of black clothes. maybe I should branch out a bit

Tom Stephenson said...

She sort of reminds me of my new neighbour, Ping...

Sol said...

Tom, When you said Ping I thought of the little Britain sketch, "Ting Tong, with the Ping Pong". Rude of me.

Rachel Khoo is beautiful, that is for sure.

Tom Stephenson said...

Not so sure as you may think.

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