Wednesday 18 June 2014

4.5 pints

Another fine day in the garden. 
3 Cucumbers, 2 courgettes and 4.5 pints of raspberries and 5 strawberries.

3 of these from the fruit bed

Excuse the ratty table.  We haven't cleaned it yet this year.  Another job for the list.


Anonymous said...

I ate some prepared guacamole from a plastic container. I know. I'm not worthy to know you.

Harry Flashman said...

What are courgettes?

Raybeard said...

Oh, lovely! (As my tummy makes sympathetic noises.)

Sol said...

Ha ha Susie. I am not a great gardener. More a Skin Flint. I don't have flowers in my garden, only food and a bit of grass. its a waste of water and my time. Although, my garden is neglected. I tend to only grow food that can be ignored for long periods and only in the hottest weather needs watering.

I love guacamole, we call it Bat Poo in our house. don't know why. I have never tried to grow one from the stone. I wonder if it would fruit in the UK. Probably not... Are you growing any food?

Harry, I ate them before I thought about taking their picture.

Ray, I love raspberries. We had 2 whips given to us many moons ago by Posh Boys Granny. I will try and take a picture of the mother plants when in Scotland. She told us to plant them with some shade... which is completely different to what they say in books or on other peoples blogs. it is a very poor fruit bed I have going but the plants seem to be super, compared to other peoples who have bought them from shops. the berry is actually quite small compared to the ones you get in the supermarkets but the taste is amazing. good old honest Scottish raspberry stock. Yum indeed.

Raybeard said...

I'm just off to Waitrose now. Maybe I'll buy some raspberries - my first for many years!