Thursday 20 February 2014

looking up

Roof line, Pierrefonds, France, May 2013



Raybeard said...

A cat playing with a ball of wool is almost the last thing I'd expect to see preserved in stone on a roof. But I heartily approve.

Anonymous said...

You are often looking up...are you tall? Average? Itty bitty?

Sol said...

Hey Ray, in France there are a lot of really interesting roof lines. and the castles are amazing. Zinc and iron work on spires for churches and castles.

I like to think it was the stone masons cat.

Hi Susie, I am only just 5 foot tall. don't measure me after 5pm! lol I am always having to look up. Too many people look down now a days. Whilst texting and reading their phones. with old houses and buildings in the UK and France you should always look up. you never know what you might see

Caroline said...

I often have a cat on my roof, sunbathing!