Friday 21 February 2014

looking up #2

Pierrefonds, France, May 2013

This is the same house as the pictured here with the cat on the roof.  Can you see the opened mouthed fish?  And then the ivy in relief on the under side of the window sill.  You can just see the cat in the top right of the picture.
Bottom left of the picture can you see the square holes in the under side of the window lintel.  I think those are either where bars should have been or where shutters fitted into.
Again my favourite coloured stone.  Buttery like Bath.


Raybeard said...

Looks like this was an architect with imagination. Wish there'd were more.

Sol said...

hi there Ray. Wait till you see tomorrows house. Looking up is addictive. I wish I had a smart phone or an iphone the things I see in buildings as I wander around all over. I don't really want to hulk my big DSLR all around with me. I think I think about it more.

Harry Flashman said...

I hear they just had an earthquake in England. If they have one in France that house looks like it will come tumbling down.

Sol said...

Hey Harry, the earth quake was in the channel between Bristol and South Wales I think. We have earth quakes every so often. We also some times have tornados. there was one in Birmingham a few years ago.

Those houses have been there for donkeys years they are just weathered. they are stone so the acid in the rain eats it.