Thursday 26 September 2013

The Elephant House, Coffee House - Edinburgh

In December, all those moons ago, I was lucky enough to go to the Elephant Coffee House in  Edinburgh.  That is where JK Rowling wrote parts of the Harry Potter series of books. 

I loved the elephant shaped short bread. How cute.

Not that you could see it but behind this Christmas tree, you can see Edinburgh Castle.

The couple in the back left hand corner by the door, OMG they needed to get a room.  Even in the queue that was out the door and up the road, waiting to get into the shop.  They nearly ate each other! 

It was heaving and there aren't a lot of tables.  They could do with changing the tables to small square ones, some for 2 people and some for 4.  A man comes and seats you once you have ordered.  You get a wooden spoon in a bottle so they can find you after you have ordered.

The toilets were a treat!  The graffiti of peoples love for the harry Potter books made me smile for the whole day. I wish I had taken a picture of it for you.  That sounds strange, but some of the things written were so lovely.  And there were lots of lightning bolts drawn.

I did try and get a picture outside but when we went in it was just before lunch and it was nutso waiting in the line.  I caught the below picture, as we by chance took a wrong turn with the map when we were on the way back to the new town.

I am super pleased I was able to go there and to have found these pictures on the hard drive.  I thought I had lost them when I had to have my laptop rebuilt due to a really nasty virus.  It was sneezing and everything *snicker*.

It was a little on the expensive side, but for an item being ticked off of my bucket list I wasn't too upset.  I don't normally buy drinks out, so spending £3+ on a hot chocolate freaks me out. 

And how can I not like it with it being named after my favourite animal.

Have you been?  Do you love Harry Potter?  Is it on your bucket list?


Raybeard said...

Nice to read your blog talking of things that are dear to you, Sol. But I didn't get quite as much pleasure reading the Potter books - I only read the first three (and only those because they were sort of 'necessary' reading) but found them almost as indigestible as the films. (Too much going on for my simple mind grasp!)
However, next time I go to Edinburgh (no plans to) I must also visit this coffee house which has become quite a renowned and obligatory place to visit now.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, thanks for swinging by.

What I really like about the Harry Potter books is that it connected a generation of kids again with the joy or reading. I LOVE reading.

I will read anything. Even grave stones have made me stop and read each one. I do believe it is one of the greatest things you can learn. and for that, I think the Harry Potter books are a delight. They are written for tweenagers.

I don't think there is a better sight than kids lazing about on a Sunday afternoon all reading books. to me, that is a little heaven on Earth

Normally when we got to Scotland we always go to Edinburgh. I am hoping the next time we go we will spend at least one day in Glasgow.

Scotland, is a beautiful place, I am a Urban Girl though. So I have to counter all the countryside with a good bit of grit in the eye and exhaust fumes! lol