Monday 30 September 2013

Green Elephants

Green Elephants on the railings Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Beauty in the small detail
P.S. went through my 3, 35 litre crates of Christmas decorations.  I am down to 2 crates.  I am taking the ones I don't want to my old work, most of them are German wooden decorations.  So I hope they will all find new homes.  If not they will go to the charity shop.  I still haven't found my perfect stuffing recipe yet.  I am sure to lose, everyone else seems to have settled for a recipe.... lol everyone has really got the spirit of it and everyone is super secretive about it.  I am hoping for a very special Christmas.


Raybeard said...

This must be the first Xmas-mentioning blog I've read this year - and it's still September, well for a few more hours. Not complaining - just observing.

Sol said...

ha ha Ray I have been talking about Christmas since about March.

We are having a massive family Christmas, and the best stuffing competition. Anyone old enough to hold a knife is entering.

I love Christmas. 85 days to go!

Unknown said...

What beautiful railings. I definitely didn't see them on our travels to Phnom Penh

Sft x

Sol said...

hey SFT!

lovely aren't they. they were on a wall next to the school where you can learn to be a body guard. random I know, but true.

Gillian Roe said...

Amazing railings, just beautiful. It's extra special to find detail like that in the most everyday, utilitarian places. x

Sol said...

Gillian, I found in Thailand and Cambodia that the beauty was all around. Even the way the trees were clipped in the parks. Precise, clean Clean to see and clean in the mind. Lovely.