Monday 3 June 2013

Pierrefonds, France

Pierrefonds Castle/Merlins Castle from the TV series

The grass on the right is the lower gardens of the Castle.  How cool would it be to live in these houses!?>????>?>>?

Antiques shop, right next to the Castle.

I wonder if people buy this stuff it was all pretty rusty.  The brown planks at the back have holes at an angle so maybe they are for wine bottles...?

More rusty stuff with huge price tags!  lol

A bottle and jar dryer.  From the old days, when it was necessity not eco-friendly to recycle.

Tourist land train

view from the high street

picture to prove not all French ladies are chic!  Trust me they aren't!

'It is I, Le Clerc', I love allo allo.  Apparently I sound like the policeman in this programme when I attempt to speak French


Fresh Baguettes it was lunch time after all.  And another French lady, who isn't so chic.  I will allow the ballet flats but the leggings?  Never!  and the dress had a hole in the frill at the front

The Creperie terrace.  I love Brittany and its crepes.  The buckwheat ones are delicious in Roscoff.  Yum yum nom nom


Anonymous said...

€4 for a small beer? No wonder she had a hole in her skirt, no money left for good clothes!

Sol said...

clothes generally are expensive as are shoes in France. But you can find normal priced clothes in the supermarket.

Food is exceptionally expensive even with out the price of conversion. In the last 12 years everything has gone up a lot. I think that is why their houses are cheap. Living is super expensive