Sunday 30 June 2013

Chateau Chantilly #2

Hi there sorry for the absence.  life got in the way, you know the story.

I haven't tinkered with any pictures so please excuse the quality.  My baby, my poor DSLR has died.  Who knew after 11 faithful years of service to me, that there is an actual number of photo clicks you can make and it then decides enough is enough.

Whilst I decide what camera to buy, I am using a Panasonic compact.  Apparently it is really painful to watch me use it.  Lol .  I just think everyone is used to seeing me toting a huge Nikon D90.  The extension of my body is now a tiny thing. 

Lets look at a photo dump of Chateau Chantilly shall we?

Enjoy and sorry the pics are a little washed out.  There are lots, I will do a few each day.


Anonymous said...

What a huge building and what extensive grounds! Beautiful.

Sorry to hear about your camera but enjoy contemplating the new one.

Sol said...

we didn't manage to get to the horse arena. I am not a fan of horses, so I wasn't that bothered. But another English lady we spoke to said if you were into horses you would need a whole day. as you can see them being trained and they have some of those lovely white horses that dance. I cant think of their names. it has completely escaped me.

Anonymous said...

All looks lovely. Sorry to hear about your camera. I dropped my compact in a glass of wine recently and it hasn't been the same since. Just bought a new one, hate getting used to a new camera!

Anonymous said...

I think they are the Lipizzaner stallions that you are thinking of. I am not at all keen on horses, terrified in fact!