Wednesday 19 June 2019


My dogs are afraid of the concrete rabbits

Some honeysuckle that the bees seem to love

Climbing hydrangea lace cap

All my plants in pots waiting to go into the ground in the front garden.

Obviously potatoes to eat.



northsider said...

There have been lots of busy bees in your garden Sol. Thanks for sharing.

local alien said...

Love the honeysuckle and the climbing hydrangea. Our honey suckle is not as flowery as yours. Such a beauitful smell.
Is that a norfolk pine in the pot? They only grow at a very high altitude here in Greece.
You're doing a lot of gardening I see. Last time if I remeber you were still uncovering treasures under the brambles.
Great photos

Raybeard said...

Welcome! Splendid to hear from you again following your 'hibernation'. Like your plants, shrubs and veggies you've sprouted once more, which is mightily reassuring. Whether we can get back to the 'old times' (only if you want to!) depends entirely on you and your situation. Meantime, here's hoping we won't wait so long for when you're able to do more regular postings once more.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, glad you liked it.

Hello Linda, The honeysuckle is in a very confined pot and it was here when we moved it. It smells really strong. The little tree for Christmas is a norway spruce. We are keeping it potted rather than plant out as they get huge. We are slowly gaining ground in the garden here. The brambles were in the last house. This one is just covered in moss! lol Ferns and moss. We have cut down trees to let more light in

Hey Ray!!! We are slowly winning with this house and garden and it will all settle at some point. We arent moving again (famous last words) we have to put up bookcases and bits. it is all a bit hit and miss still at present. New business, new house, parents to still go to Devon to look after when it is my turn. All new and super time consuming but it will calm down and we will get into a flow.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you again - have a good summer!

Sol said...

Hey Toffeeapple!

sadie c said...

I love the concrete rabbits! Hope the dogs have made friends with them by now.

how's the embroidery going? x

gz said...

lovely garden! Thanks for the hint re jars