Sunday 17 February 2019

Where is home?

Picture taken on one of my walks, it shows the hills behind my house

In reply to some comments

The house is the biggest one I have ever owned and even though I grew up in a similar sized house, there were so many people in it that it felt that it was bursting at the seams.  The ceilings here are 3.8m high (I just had to google to convert that to feet!  lol  about 12.5 feet).  Original cornicing, doors and floors.  

The exterior is grey granite (I think) and red sandstone (they are called quoin stones? the corners of the buildings?).  The gardens are mostly moss in the places where there should be grass.  We have to have some trees felled as they are dying or dead and the bark is peeling off of them.  A tree surgeon is going to contact us with an available date, as you can imagine it is weather dependent and if there are trees down due to high winds they will take priority to make sure all are safe.  It does make it a little 'maƱana', it is the way it is around here.

There is also a cellar of 2 small rooms, not really any head height, but it is dry and we can store a few things in there.

After a lot of time worrying about everything right now.  I am taking my own advise - Bloom where you are planted.  #yolo  Well that is the idea anyways...


Anonymous said...

I really like that sentiment at the end of your post, it is worth bearing in mind.

I am envious of your house, at least, I would have been were I still a housewife - I have more than sufficient room here in my apartment. Do you have breathtaking views too? Enjoy them, each and every one! xx

Sol said...

Hi Toffeeapple. We have ok views, we are in the valley of the hills. You can pay the heating bills if you like.

Linda (local Alien) if you come back your comment is on the previous post) but it isnt a castle. We did view one. But it was listed and it had a tree growing in the dining hall. That was a big no no.

northsider said...

Sounds a great place Sol. Look forward to seeing more posts.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, I dont know about great. but it was the best we could find in the time frame and that was vacant and wanted a quick sale. I am pleased we managed to sell the bungalow in cornwall, that may have been a hard one post Brexit. I am stressed to hell about it all, Brexit makes my head hurt and I think it will cause another recession.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sol,

You popped into my head this morning and I thought I would check to see that you are well, so here I am!

Best wishes,