Wednesday 19 December 2018

We need more people that give a s£$7

For many years I have been on my own journey to do what I can.  Be it beach cleaning every time I have walked the dogs over the past year, eco cleaner, leaving all the packaging in the supermarket as a statement (I follow my sister in doing this), home made knitted dish clothes made of bamboo to be able to compost them...  and so many more things I have learnt along the way. I go along the Tesco's line of "every little helps". 

Then I see something like this and I think, "Holy s£$7, I need to do more".  I am sad that the {Greening of Gavin} is no longer a blog but you can find him on Facebook.  To push myself to do more I am hoping to get more into the local community here and at least litter pick and volunteer at their monthly meetings where they clean the verges and hedges on the way in and out of the town.  

I am going to stop talking the talk.  And I am going to walk the walk and hope others come along for the ride.  Plus you get a nice hi viz jacket.

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For the greater goooooooddd - semper ad maiora


DUTA said...

I like how this sounds : The Greater Good. Indeed we need more people engaged in actions for the greater good. You are a fine example.

Sol said...

Hi DUTA, I dont have children but if I did this may top my worries about Brexit right now. The governments are scared to tell big business to clean themselves up as they dont want to upset them. and make them do stupid things like pay to carbon offset. WHAT THE HECK IS CARBON OFF SET? you either are a carbon contributor or you arent? should you be allowed to off set it? it makes me crazy!

northsider said...

Any good pubs or allotments near you Sol?

Sol said...

Hey Dave, good pubs and live music at least 2 time a week in different places. One is bands that are booked and the other is where people pitch up with an instrument and have a good old sing song etc. I saw that last Thursday, it was really good, I may have been dancing! lol There are allotments and they are free right now! I walked by them earlier! I am not sure how much there is you can grow here. not like cornwall where you dump it in and off it goes. here I think it will need at least green houses and probably heat some how. I havent seen any gardens around here that look like they have a veg patch. They seem to gravel over everything with these red chippings gravel. Firs, pine trees and Christmas trees seem to grow well around here. Plus lots of moss and lichen! lol

Kev Alviti said...

I've completely immersed myself in my local community to try and get things done this year and it's been great fun. Scouts, playgroups, seed swap group and the local school!

Sol said...

Hey Kev, we never live anywhere long enough for me to join in past the bit of renovating the house. the house is pretty much there, all but for a little decorating and a few new windows as it is quite cold. I think the community is what makes it stick.