Thursday 23 March 2017

I Love London

I dont have many words today.  The attack in London yesterday, is too awful to think about just now.

Here are some of the pictures from my latest trip to London and some from previous times.

Lastly I give you Eros and beam you all love.

Sol xxx


Janie Junebug said...

My hearts go out to the beautiful country of England after the terrible attack. It's still the country I most want to visit.


local alien said...

I lived in London for three years back in the 70s. So much to do and see and a lot of it free. I loved it. People and happenings everywhere and a safe city back then. A different world.

Sol said...

Hi Janie, it sure is upsetting. London will go on, no matter what these nutters throw at it. You need to come, it sure is pretty.

Hey Linda, So much to see for free, even more now a days, I dont know any other country where you can visit as many art galleries and museums for free, all paid for by peoples taxes. We have had visitors from Canada and when we went to London they were worried about the prices of visiting all of the places we had mentioned and they were completely shocked that it is free to EVERYONE, not just people who show they have a Brit passport. I think that makes us a fabulous place to visit over here. Although I know I will have to pay for it, at some point I would love to go up inside Big Ben. What an excellent day that would be.

I have lived and worked on and off in London for 21 years. Its my second home. It is where I really did grow up.

I hope at some point in the future you will return and feel safe. It wont stop me. The Mr is working there next week if anything it will be even safer.

Gwil W said...

V for Victory. Churchill's two fingers!

Sol said...

I like your style Gwil!