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Monday, 6 July 2015

cuttings and more

Some of my hydrangea cuttings.  I taught myself from youtube to do it.  I used rooting hormone.

This was the donor plant, it was shaded by the trees that were cut down and accidentally mashed up by the tree surgeons.

A new base for a new oil tank.  The old one above is about to be taken away here.

The {Steptoe storage area} grows daily.

This was the view from our hotel for 2 nights over the weekend, for my Nieces wedding.  She looked amazing.  It was all lovely.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


northsider dave said...

It's great to see you making cuttings Sol. Fuchsia and Sedum root really easy with rooting powder.

Raybeard said...

For one split second I thought you were going to say that the last picture was from your living room window, Sol. Now wouldn't that have been nice? - or even Nice? Oh, never mind!
Good to see some results of your green fingers, though. Don't forget to wash 'em!

Sol said...

Hey Dave, at the moment I am trying to get the plants together for the front garden next year. and like you said maybe even sell some at a car boot to make some money for some of the more pricey plants I want. I have my eye on some Blue Sky Rockets for the front garden to go along the drive. They are like mini cypress trees. they dont bush out and grow to about 2-3 metres tall. I only want 5 at even distance apart. I think it will look lovely.

Hi Ray, actually my parents view is very similar but further around the bay in Devon. My home town is beautiful sometimes. The garden this year has been a wash out. It wont be any good here for at least 3 years I dont think. We have to get all the building work done first. And next on the list is the wood store. Winter is coming.

...I am Nora..... said...

Clever! I'm known for my brown fingers! I'll kill any plant within days! :(

Nice view :)

Harry Flashman said...

I have some plants like that in our kitchen right now, although they aren't hydrangeas. My wife left them with me when she went to visit our kids for the summer. I have strict instructions how to water them and when to water them, and that's all I know. They are in little cups.

I like that view of the water. Wish I was there, sailing.

Sol said...

Hey Nora, seriously these were the easiest things to take cuttings from. and they only need care once a year for a quick trim and then leave them to it. I like plants like that.

Harry I wish I was sailing too. There has been some really good weather for it lately. The plants I just put water on now. You tube is fabulous

Kev Alviti said...

I've done a load of cuttings the last couple of weeks as well. Nothing beats free plants.

kymber said...

Sol - i got a space marked for you in the canoe (me and you suntanning while jambaloney paddles us all around the river) and i got a spot marked for you down at the beach (ocean) - just a little dug-out sand-spot that you can lay your towel in and suntan. no worries - i always got good food and snacks in the cooler. your welcome.

your friend,

Sol said...

Hey Kev, I am hoping that if I have enough I can fill out the front garden with them and have them around my raised beds.

Kymber, I would love it lol I love Canada when we visit family over there we stay for at least 4 weeks at a time. I think if we could we would move there. We tried years ago but we didnt have enough points... Your welcome here, but my house is pretty much a shell at the moment. lol we keep finding something else that is wrong with it

Toffeeapple said...

We were in Normandy last week and the Hydrangeas there were amazing, colours from pale pink to red to blue to purple, all on the same bush.

Sol said...

Hey Toffeeapple, I hope you have a lovely time in France. We always love going to France.

You know exactly why I want them all in my front garden then. In Bayeaux we saw a stately home and all of the hedges were hydrangeas. I thought it looked lovely. I want both of my gardens to look like you are on holiday.

Undomestic Diva said...

looks fantastic Sol, ha! your Steptoe storage area reminds me of our local scrapman, he drives around the streets playing the theme tune from steptoe and son, he makes me giggle every time i see him :)

Sol said...

Hey Diva, I would laugh as well.

Gillian said...

Your steptoe storage area is nothing, you should see the patio in our back garden - planks of wood everywhere, empty flower pots, a broken water depressing. But your hydrangea cuttings are fabulous. I would have those everywhere if I could and knew how, they always look sensational. x