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Monday, 7 October 2013

Thai Fast Food - Rat on a Stick


Whilst hurtling through the country side in Thailand we had a quick stop at a road side café and Tescos Lotus (yes tescos is everywhere, I could quite imagine that if you went to the moon there would be a Tescos there.)

The driver picked up his dinner.  2 Kilo of barbequed rat on sticks.  For the tiny sum of £1.

I still didn't eat it!  lol

My favourite thing that I found in Thailand was squid wrapped peanut balls. 

Have you eaten anything strange on holiday?


susie said...

Do you eat the tails?

Sol said...

By the sounds of it, the driver said you ate everything but the teeth. and what was left his wife boiled into soup that they added a green leaf vegetable that we didn't know what the name of and we don't have in England...

Caroline said...

I remember years ago in Mauritius the beach sellers constantly saying 'cheaper than Asda, cheaper than Asda'. Dreadful, really!

Sol said...

LOL Caroline that is everywhere. Africa, Turkey, Vietnam. Cheaper than asda, cheaper than Tesco! lol