Tuesday 27 August 2013

Chateau de Pierrefonds - Camelot, Merlin's Castle

The restaurants were full so we had a car picnic, below the castle.
A few months back we went to France for a whirlwind weekend to complete another of my bucket list items.  Merlin's Castle.

See the details here in English

(are you saying 'Merlin' like the narrator does, in your head?  I did!)  cough*geek*

I have lots of pictures so will post a few every few days. 

This Dragon/crocodile was a down pipe for the rain water

Look at that fantastic gargoyle!  its another rain water spout.  And the castle turret on the castle wall.  Now that is a stone mason with attention to detail

amazingly ornate

this one reminds me of a place in Oxford

mythical beasts

children acting out parts of Merlin.
That's it for today.  Lots more to come.  Have you guessed what I loved most about it all?...

Its the limestone blocks.  I love this buttery stone.  Its the same as Bath City.  Stunning.  More tomorrow...


Raybeard said...

Yes, these really are something. That crocodile is a fearsome piece of art.

Btw: Do you know Oxford? I lived there 1975-88 - and my plan when I win the Lottery is to return there to live and see out the rest of my time in that place where I was the happiest.

Sol said...

Oxford is delightful Ray. I love it there. The architecture is amazing. Like Bath. as you can tell I love old buildings.

Unknown said...

I know Oxford, studied there. I agree just beautiful. Bath I travelled through on train and thought I must return. Maybe I should start planning that now!

I love your castle. Now for the stupid questions:
Why Merlin?
Where did you first find out about it?

Sft x

Sol said...

Hi SFT, it is where the TV series Merlin was filmed.