Wednesday 10 July 2013

Osborne House - Home of Queen Victoria and Albert #1

Hi there

I had to go to the Isle of Wight for work the other week.  Such a chore I know.  *snort*

Whilst there, I snuck off for the afternoon, after working extra early to see Osborne House.  I really wish I had more time and that  I could also have seen Carisbrooke Castle, but I just didn't...  Such a shame.  But it is a reason to go back isn't it. :)  Maybe for Cowes.  (if I had a huge windfall!)

Ready for more pictures?  Here we go

Horse and trap

gosh how I love the colour of the stone here and in the Cotswolds.  Beautiful is it not?


Anonymous said...

I am late reading this, having changed to Bloglovin as my Reader, I find that I can only get it to put newest post first unlike Google Reader where I was able to start with the oldest.

Anyway - I have never been to Osborne House, isn't it spectacular? As you say, great colour too. If I ever go back to IoW I shall try to make it to the house.

Sol said...

glad you found it! I will go back, but we will probably have a caravan or a campervan. and then spend a longer time and really look.

Raybeard said...

Fabulous pics, Sol. I too have never been there, or just to the Isle of Wight - though I've heard a lot about it. You make a visit all the more desirable.