Friday 19 April 2013

Navali River Resort Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

The fish outside the lobby.  They think you are feeding them if you get near the pool.

On the trip, we stayed in the Navali 3 times.  The first night, after Cambodia, before Koh Chang and then the night before we flew home.

From the front of the hotel, it doesnt look much.  You have to go down the side of the building to find the entrance.  Dont be scared.  The staff are all really helpful.  The first night we had a room next to the lift.  It went up and down all night.  I dont even think anyone was in there, lol.

We were so tired from the flight that it made no difference to us.  We had ear plugs, it is only because my ear plugs fell out, that I woke up.

On check out we mentioned we were coming back twice and that we would like a room away from the lift.

Other than that the rooms are immaculate.  Bathrooms SPOTLESS, linen clean.  No complaints from me.

Here are the pictures.

Super king beds

each room we stayed in had the same set up

the goodies and the fridge, in the cupboard was the safe and in the drawer was a hair dryer.

more goodies.  In Asia they seem to give you tooth brushes and cotton buds in every hotel.  I have never seen that in the UK

complimentary fruit plate and 2 bottles of water

roof top pool, the views are of most of bangkok

I am mean and kept getting to the edge just to see if I could make them come to the top. 

Breakfast was really nice.  Its a buffet, so you take what ever you want.  Lots to chose from, even curry.  There was bacon, it is the streaky type, not my favourite, but each to their own.  All the bread that I ate when I was away, tasted of sugar.  So I didnt like it much.  Lots of juice and tea.  Coffee was blah, it tasted burnt and old.  But then I dont really drink coffee, I just didnt realise that there was tea or anything else on offer as we went down as soon as they opened. 

There you go.  I LOVED BANGKOK.  Most people either love or hate it, your own personal Marmite.  I am a city girl and I loved the hustle and bustle and the go go go vibe.  Others might find it over loading.

This hotel is not far from Khoa San Road, where all the back packers go.  Lots of bank machines and food.  Street food and if much needed from travelling a burger king and starb*cks, (boo hiss Starb*cks you tax dodging company, I dont even want to say their name on here!!!)

All your shopping needs are there.  The MBK shopping centre is fab.  You can go to the cinema if it is all too much for you.  And there is a food court on floors 4 and 5.  We especially liked the Ramen noodle place, I think it is called something like Hanibachan.  But anyways it was lush.  You order, they speak really good English.  And when it arrives it is cool.  Think a huge pestle and mortar made of granite.  It is served up in a huge bowl that looks just like that, it has been super heated in an oven.  and when it arrives they pour the soup on top of the noodles meat and veggies in the bowl.  It bubbles like mad and is really cool.

So there you go the first hotel.  More to come.  Thailand is really lovely.


Anonymous said...

I do like that picture of the fish, all busy and excited.

John Going Gently said...

I am with Mz apple

Love the fish photo

Sol said...


they are a bit crazy your shadow goes over the pool and they go crazy. and their mouths extend out really far.

Anonymous said...

Great post, really enjoyed it. I love Bangkok, it's a fab place. Would love to go back again some day.

PS I'm guessing that what looks like half a dozen potatoes in your fruit bowl probably isn't!

Sol said...

I have no idea what the potato ball things are. if I cant identify it, I wont eat it! lol