Tuesday 19 February 2013

Richard Briers -RIP

Richard Briers, as Tom Good, from the TV series the Good life.  Picture credit - Digitalspy.co.uk
Its a sad day, the British national treasure, Richard Briers has past away.
he played so many characters in different TV series over the years that he and the people he played have been woven into the fabric of my memories.  Sitting on the floor laughing with all my family, watching him.
"Tooooom, Tooom!" Barbara would shout.  We would wait for him to rush in through the hall door or from the garden.  Whistling his tune.  His generator powered by poo, was a topic I loved to talk about just to get people to retch at the idea.  Many a seed packet has been sold over the years with a small part of each person planting it, thinking this is just like Tom and Barbara.  Pinky and Perky the pigs, the goats, the scarecrow made from Margot's dress.  Yes it truly is a sad day.
Good bye Richard.  Thank you for the laughter, the memories and the ideas.  You really brought the Good Life to life.  We will all keep searching, searching for IT.
Pass me my wellies, I need to dance in a garden fountain...


Anonymous said...

Hear hear, he is missed already.

Sol said...

I was gutted at work when I heard. I know people don't go on forever. I think that is the problem with much loved tv stars. We watch the good life regularly and in it he cant be much off of my age now, you don't get a true idea of age etc. When vibrant people pass a vacuum is left in their place.

I want to snap the hands off of all the clocks and stop time. I hanker after the good old days, too much violence now. I accidentally caught some of that black mirror on tv the other night. truly frightening and too scary for me to watch before bed, its like tales of the unexpected x100.

I will never get why they smashed the green house for a chicken house. Surely they wanted it to grow food??? LOL stupid to think of that now.