Saturday 5 January 2013

Hogmanay Edinburgh - Part 2 Torchlight Procession

Hogmanay Edinburgh - Part 2

Torchlight Procession - Son et Lumiere Finale

Having looked at pictures of previous years I wanted to see this.  To be truthful it wasn't that great.  It was freezing cold.  And with out realising I chose what would appear to be the worst area to stand to see the procession.  (Gosh that sounds negative, but I want to paint the real picture, not all events go as you think they will.  keeping it real.  Moving on...)

Having spoken to others we should have stayed at the entrance to Calton Hill, the procession would have gone right by us.  I chose to stand near the bonfire, (that wouldn't burn as it had rained).  Lesson learned, if I go again, don't go up to the monuments watch it all on the big screens in the streets.

Here are the pictures...

The Monument

The pipers

Some of the candle bearers

The Vikings, I think there may have been 9 of them.  And to me they looked like they were dressed as Romans.

It was very busy


Lighting the 2012, marked the start of Hogmanay

2013 was then set on fire, this needed some help as it wasn't burning

After what seemed like an age, the fireworks started.

This is a free family event.  The fire works were good, if I had a family and lived there I would go but I would stand in the street, and not go the extra, up the hill to the monuments.

in short here are the tips

  1. Where {Calton Hill} is, go a little further up, there is a big screen opposite {St Andrews House}.
  2. If you go to the monuments wear wellies
  3. take a torch
  4. make sure you have your hat and gloves you will be stood still for a long time.
Marks out of ten?  4-5

I hope this helps someone.

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