Thursday, 27 April 2017

The adventure begins...

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Good morning.

We are super busy at our house right now.  Not only are we looking after dogs that are a bit tender right now, but we are furiously working away at preparing the house for sale.  Estate agents have been to the house.  I invited some of my close friends to come and critique the house.  They walked around with pads and pens and we had a clip board and paper.  They know I will not take offence if they dont like anything or if they say something needs redoing.

Its all the small things that after a while of living somewhere, your eyes no longer see.  For instance at the front door, neither of us saw that the telephone cable, where it enters the house, the builders had bundled it up and it was hanging down 3 inches from below the soffits.  We were blind to this.  There was a crack in a paving slab that made the step wobbly from the kitchen to the patio.  This was deemed by them that a family may think this was dangerous.  Point taken, as I dont have children I didnt think of it.  As we wanted it to look sleek and tidy, we now have a decking step and the pation has also been decked.  (over the years and the houses we have collected a lot of tools and as any good work man would tell you, you need the right tool for the right job,  The decking therefore did not take as long as you would think and worked out cheaper that us employing a work man - who lets face it, around here, may or may not turn up and whose work will be questionable.).

Garden beds have been weeded and mulched.  We are waiting for the gravel to arrive to refresh the driveway.  We are picking up a bed this weekend and I will be painting the fence on the parts that I didnt manage to do on Friday whilst the dog was at the vets.  We are a bit sparce, my friend who came over, is going to bring a few bits from her mums stash (her mum is an interior designer), and I need a quick trip to TK Maxx to see if there is a throw for one of the beds and a few cushions.  Normally I would say when selling, get rid of stuff.  We have doubled this house and only have enough furniture for few rooms of it.  It looks really empty and we have to compete with new builds homes.

I have seen 2 possible houses in Cornwall.  We will see if they are still on the market next week when we put our own house up for sale.

Between now and then I will be cleaning this house, in every nook and cranny.  All items that havent been used are off to charity.  I have 3 boxes of kitchen utensils that I have not used in the 2 years we have been here.  Granted, for some of that time I havent had a kitchen, but I have also furnished the caravan with bits from this kitchen and havent had to buy any more.  I will give it a quick look over inside the boxes photograph it to see if any family want the items, if not, off to charity.  I will only have to pay for them to be moved and then maybe storage if we cant find a house quick enough.

We had a sign outside the house and the village email went out offering people to come and take any timber they wanted from the drive.  The wood was gone within the hour of the email going out.  I have managed to make 2 really nice sized raised beds from the timber here.  And it looks spot on.  I just need to get some plants in them.  lol  Dressing a veg plot for sale.  I have done it before!  People seem to like it, I call it the {HFW} effect.

Feel free to come around and help clean!  lol

Have a good day.

*the picture is of Tintagel, Cornwall*


Sue in Suffolk said...

Exciting time ahead - good luck

Jules said...

Exciting and busy times for you. I hope you find the perfect home. X

northsider dave said...

I always look at an house from the point of how many bedrooms does it have and does it have any outside space,especially if the prospective buyers got children and they need somewhere to play. King Arthur lived a Tintagel I believe. Good luck!

Sol said...

Hi Sue, we are quickly moving towards being on the market. I am hoping like you, to be entering a phase where we move to a house we want to stay in. Exciting nail biting times I think. I am scared of making a mistake.

Hi Jules, this being our 14th house I am not sure the perfect house exists! lol more the perfect location. I dont mind the village location here but I would like a few shops. And although we arent ready to retire I need to think about those things.

Hi Dave, this house will probably go to a family who want the school or people moving out of London. We needed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. And you are right the legend is that King Arthur lived in Tintagel. Wow is it wind swept there. And the steps on the right of the cliff where the bridge meets are very skinny and some were broken when we went. We were with friends with their 4 children. I carried a very wriggly toddler up those steps and my heart was in my throat. At the top there was a kids archeology area where the kids could dig in a massive sand pit for items buried. It was well worth the visit. Although we did pay for the land rover to take us back up the hill. I think at that time the money went to the life boats. An extremely worth cause and over looked by most.

We need all the luck everyone can beam us! :)

Dani said...

Good luck, Sol. Natch, I'll be staying tuned for the progress report(s) ;)

Sol said...

Hey Dani, Thank you for your luck. We will need it I think!!!

Chickpea said...

Wishing you all the luck with your plans, which part of Cornwall are you looking at?

Tracy Chadfield said...

I too wish you the best of luck!! It will all be worth it x

Raybeard said...

I don't envy you. A life-overwhelming, time and energy-consuming enterprise (both physical and mental). You'll be ever so relieved when it's all over. Until then, I add my best wishes for all the luck you need to make it go smoothly.

Sol said...

Hi Chickpea, we are hoping for Truro and surrounding. We have no real fixed area at present. Its the plot/land that matters. thank you for your well wishes. I hope life is being kind to you.

Hey Tracy, I am sure it will be worth it. A life with little or no mortgage will be amazing!!! I accept your luck with open arms.

Hi ya Ray, I am hoping this is the last move, it has to be right for us and the dogs. There may even be a small room just for my books. ;) This is my dream!