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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The search begins...

Scotland in July 2015
The kitchen build is slow, I am getting a little twitchy.  We have had 2 estate agents around already, we have another 2 to come.  We want a good broad valuation, to make sure we are pitching ourselves correctly.  The fences have been done and look so much better now the gaping hole that was the tree is now filled.  It looks really good.  Thank heavens.

With all of this going on, I have to start to look at where we can go.  My friends in Cornwall are being dispatched to do, drive by viewings of the outsides.  I can drive the google map car up and down the streets but this doesnt give a 'feeling' of the area.  Yes, I do really trust my friends to do this for me.  And I am thankful that they are lovely and will do this (I am giving them petrol money, I cant expect them to use their cash to help me, no matter how much the protest).  

The simple questions they have to ask themselves is 

  1. would you live their yourself
  2. can you get on to the drive easily (remember Cornwall is a lot of very tight lanes)
  3. would you let you kids go to tea in a house in this area (ie, their school friends house - please dont comment on this, I am sure there are many people who dont look after their houses outside, I dont want to live next to {Steptoes yard}.
  4. are there people about in the day (quite important to me, a shop would be a bonus.  A hairdressers or post office would be fabulous)
From google
All of these questions can be answered in seconds.  And even though everyone says to themselves, we shouldnt judge quickly.  You do and having lived next door to a Steptoe yard previously, I dont want rats near my house like that ever again.  I know rats are everywhere, but these were living in all of the junk and mattresses dumped all over the garden and land.  My nerves were shot.  Its bad enough that we had mice in the garage last year.  

The search begins...


Tracy Chadfield said...

Best of luck to you!

Sol said...

Thanks Tracy, you have already been through this looking for your homestead! You know how hard it is! it will all come good, I am sure! THanks for your well wishes

Kev Alviti said...

Good luck, I looked at 12 for my brother before we found one we thought was good enough! Good job I like nosing around houses!

Lynne said...

Oh good luck with that, Sol! When my husband was leaving the Navy I had to buy a house I hadn't seen - he bought it, and we had to rely on new colleagues and friends to interpret the area we were moving to. It wasn't a bad choice in the end, and we had a few inalterable criteria because of his job, and schools. And I do agree - I've lived in a council flat, and a council house, and in a new build house on a small estate and an older house on a large older estate. And now a cottage in a small village, and I can say with some experience that there are good neighbours and bad neighbours wherever you live - so it is largely down to good luck and a bit of local knowledge and common sense!

Hope things move fast and favourably for you! Lx

Jules said...

I'm getting excited for you. Good luck with it all. I do like the questions you have set. They make a lot of sense. X

Annie's Journal said...

It's sounds like an exciting 2017 has already started for you - certainly big decisions are expected...well, keep your focus and move forward. Make the step:)

Raybeard said...

Yes, a decision that's necessarily going to have effects for a long time to come so it's not one to be rushed lightly. I'm willing as strongly as I can that everything comes out right for you.

Btw: I know it's the last thing on your mind right now, but I've found my 'Mansfield' and, goodness me, discover that I've actually already read it THREE times, the last being in 2005! Says a lot that I'm still looking forward to enjoying it yet again.
(Now I'll let you get on with contemplating the really important things in your busy life.)

Sol said...

Its a shame Kev that you are that bit too far away to do my kitchen and hall floor. Not joking here, if we get what we want in Cornwall, if you do the kitchen you can have free holidays in Cornwall. My nerves are shot to hell using this person to do it. My friends know me very well. I am not fussed about the type of house, I need parking and room for a garage. But most importantly I would really like near an acre of garden or more. hard to find right?

Hey Lynne, exactly, I dont mind what type of house, but I would like a community feel. We thought this village would have it. But I still feel very much an outsider and trust me I have tried. Maybe I tried too much.

Hi ya Jules, some people *family* say I am too picky. But I feel I need to be.

Hey Annie, I dont know about exciting but it is going to be interesting. Anything is better than last year. Last year was hell. Onwards and upwards right?!?

Sol said...

Hey Ray, I am glad you have found the book. Sometimes I want to rip open all the boxes with my books in and then just be surrounded by them. I dont know if I will get to unpack them to dress the house or not. Probably not.

Thank you for the well wishes for the house. We have to sell first.

I was thinking of doing invite only and then putting up a post so everyone could see the finished product. But what I think I will do is if you will leave me your email i can send you pictures. ive not decided yet what to do. the Mr doesnt want me to leave it open to all

local alien said...

You have an extremely important decision to make and obviously have enough experience to know what you want/need. I do hope and wish for you a quick lucrative sale and your best house to move into.
I was in Cornwall many many years ago and look forward to photos of your new surroundings.
Peace and progress!

Sol said...

Hey Linda, thank you for your well wishes. Hopefully we will sell. What with us coming out of the EU who knows what will happen.

There are a few blogs I read that are people based in Cornwall. Cornishchickpea being one. takes lovely pictures.

northsider dave said...

Hi Sol. My first priority would be budget. Been looking on Right Move UK and you would be amazed what there is for under a hundred thousand. Saw a nice rural barn conversion project with planning permission. There also lots of cheap (under fifty thousand) properties on the site. Especially if you go in land from the coast. Have you thought of an holiday home or even renting before you buy?

local alien said...

I'll check that one out

Sol said...

Hi Dave, yeah we have thought about buying somewhere cheap and then trying to find somewhere, even keeping it as a rental property after if we can afford it. The problem with that is to keep moving when I am not intending to do the property up to make more money, I will be losing on stamp duty, removals and another lot of solicitors fees. We are thinking we are going to leaflet the areas we would really like to go to. I have looked inland also, but our preference is to be as close to the sea as we can get. I walk the dogs 3 times a day. I would like 2 of them to be on the beach if possible, without having to get into a car. Otherwise I want my own land to walk them on. Its getting pricey then where the beach is free and no grass to cut! lol

Hey Linda, please try Conishchickpeas blog and another you may really enjoy is rustyduck. That is based in a wood in Devon. It is beautiful