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Monday, 31 October 2016

Looking Forward

Cornwall - Picture From Google

Good Afternoon!

How are you?  Our weekend flew by in house-y normalness for us.  Planing doors and a trip to the farmers shop to get more mouse traps for the garage.  We drove through Lower Slaughter.  Had a quick cup of tea with one of the 'Boys' and then came home and puttered about.  A little bit of reading, quite a lot of cooking.  Then the In Laws came, I made a vegetarian plait which I saw on {Nine-Five-ish Blog}, the recipe is in the comments.  It tasted really good but I made a mess of it and it didnt look like Thrift Deluxes at all!  lol  (Hence there is no picture as it somehow split down the side and top and the pastry looked all funny). Everyone scoffed the lot, no left overs for us... I think maybe they closed their eye and just went on the taste, they both had seconds.  I must conclude that I am not a very good pastry maker.

We have been planning, what is hopefully our last house move.  The goal posts have changed and we are going for something that is just enough size wise, but must have a garage, or a place to build a garage and a driveway.  Those 2 items we have said we can not compromise on.  The house can be in any shape it comes in as we know we make all the changes needed but we cant change the size of plot or the location.  And drumroll please *drrrrrrrrr drrrrrr drrrrrr ting* it is definitely going to be in Cornwall.  We can not afford any other area.  

The garden is slowly putting itself to bed. I have washed all the garden pots, potted on some of my cuttings and could this have been the last grass mowing of the year? we will have to wait and see.

I will leave you for today with one of my favourite poems

Have a good day everyone!


Tricky Wolf said...

We've been trying a lot of vegetarian dishes recently as our 4yr old has told us he doesn't want to eat meat any more because he doesn't like hurting animals. One thing that amazed me is that in most dishes you don't even miss the meat

Jules said...

Exciting times looking for your forever home. I hope you find the perfect place for you both. X

Raybeard said...

Cornwall, a fine choice, I'd say - though I've only ever been to St Ives, and that just the once about 30 years ago. But it surely must be one of the very most scenic counties - Daphne du Maurier country. We really ought to have chosen one of her books to read - and without any doubt that would have to have been 'Rebecca' which blew me away when I first read it what must have been way back in the 1970s, before I ever saw the Laurence Olivier film, which I also love. So it would be my certain nomination for whenever they come round again.

So, another super-active time for you ahead. You'll be relieved to have a few years to do nothing but settle down. Until that happens, great upheavals.
How's Eric doing, by the way?

northsider dave said...

Good luck with the house hunting Cornwall Sol.

galant said...

Best of luck with the house hunt, but have you considered Devon? Or are all parts of Devon out of your price range? I live in Torbay and there are some nice properties in our area - I even write for the local paper's Property Pages! Is that a pic of Mousehole harbour you have included? Went there once, quite pretty. Cornwall is a bit curate's egg for me, good in parts (hideous in others, I might add. I mean, have you seen Mevagissy on a wet day? Sorry, to all Mevagissy residents, but it's pretty shabby. I know Cornwall is reputedly a poor county - sorry, Duchy - but how much does a can of Dulux cost to give a shop front a lick of paint, after the peeling paint has been scraped off, of course?) But, if it's to be Cornwall, the very best of luck - I suppose I am biased towards land east of the Tamar!
Margaret P

Janie Junebug said...

Lower Slaughter sounds scary. In Upper Slaughter, do you lose your head?


Sol said...

Hi Tricky Wolf, we have become accidentally non meat eaters. We used to only eat it at weekends for financial reasons. now we just dont buy it. We have found through peoples blogs lots of recipes.

Hi Jules I hope this is the last move I am getting kind of bored with it. But a lot has happened and we need to do what is right for us now.

Hello Ray, you know us, we just keep moving. This one has done me in, we dont want to stay as we want to be mortgage free. For sure it is very pretty.

Hi Dave, it will be nice to settle. That is, if we can. My friend says she thinks it is impossible for us to stay anywhere as we cant not be doing something. Hence we have thought that we will need a big garden or to by a bit of land somewhere and go and plant that.

Hi Margaret, we did think about Devon. And we can afford there, I just dont want to live there. There are also many parts of Torbay that you want to shut your eyes on as you drive through. Hele Village, to name one. The police didnt even used to bother to go in there if they had to catch someone, it was so rough. There are also parts of Paignton and Brixham that are the same as Hele. Every town across Britain is the same. There are pockets of places that are not as desirable and that are also drab like Cornwall. I would like to say it is due to the rain. But really people dont take pride in where they live. Torbay was also voted 109 out of 133 areas as the WORST place to bring up a family. The best thing about Torbay is the number of Grammar schools that offer a chance at leveling the playing field of education so the kids can get out and go to uni and then get a job somewhere else, where they can make a good living.

Cornwall offers us something Devon doesnt, its where we think we are better off.

Sol said...

Hi Janie, Lower Slaughter is beautiful. Google it and look at the images. Is is stunning. Forget Downton Abbey, this place wipes the floor with it, as Highclere is one property. this is a whole village of lovely!

thrift deluxe said...

Good luck with the house hunting. I know what you mean about the off street parking/garage, it was non-negotiable for us too.

Glad the plait went down well, my food rarely looks great.

Patricia (La Chatte Gitane) said...

Looks only go skin deep and seeing there were no leftovers it must have been pretty darn good !
Exciting times ahead for you ! xxx...x

Sol said...

Hi Thift Deluxe, thanks for your good luck wishes. We will get there in the end. We have a few areas we are hoping for as they are near the beach, Eric will love that. Thanks for the recipe and the idea of the plait, seeing as they are commited carnivores, they probably ate cold bacon in their bedroom when they stayed! (they ate cheese and biscuits in the bedroom of my BIL and SIL! when asked why, they said because we didnt want you to think that you didnt give us enough for dinner?!?). She did ask me for the recipe for the plait and if she could use normal pastry, ready made from the shop, where as I made it with marg.

Hi Patricia, it was really lovely, it tasted great. It split in the oven and then when I cut into it, it fell completely apart. When plating it, it fell about all over. Go have a look at the post it is on. lol MINE LOOKED NOTHING LIKE THAT! bwah ha ha ha

Sadie said...

my food often looks like a pile of mud. But it tastes good, so that's ok!

I love Cornwall. Bill and I have had some fabulous holidays there, before Violet came along. Boscastle and Mousehole spring to mind, and I absolutely loved St Michael's Mount. Beautiful place. And you can't beat a pint of St Austell! I think you are lucky to be looking to live there, and I hope you find your ideal home quickly.

Stephanie Faris said...

My husband and I have been discussing the whole "move" thing. We just moved here a year and a half ago, so it's not that we're even thinking about moving. But we're trying to think long term--as in, are we going to stay in this house for the rest of our lives or move in ten or 20 years? If we're staying, we need to put money into making it the house we want regardless of whether the changes add to the value or not. If we're leaving, we need to think more in terms of what will sell the house with any changes we make.

local alien said...

Cornwall sounds terrific. I did go there once many many years ago. So picturesque. Mortgage free sure is the way to go!! Good luck

Sol said...

Hey Sadie, as long as it tastes good I think that is what matters. Cornwall is very close to our heart. We have many friends who moved there from when I was at school, we will therefore have people who are there for us and we have some close family there. Although we can afford other areas, we can get more bang for our buck there. And well, like you, we love it. Ive never had a pint of St Austell. I am a bit of a light weight! We will find something. It could even be that we buy somewhere and move in and then buy somewhere else and rent the first place out, as an extra source of pension top up.

Stephanie, I hear you loud and clear. We have done that with every house. Our problem was, we missed the wave of the houses doubling in price over night. We have tried to stay in the last 3 houses, but it never worked out. Dont get me wrong, when we finish this house, it is going to be stunning. The estate agent couldnt believe what we had done to the house, as he had valued it for the previous owner and he said he didnt think anyone would buy it, it would be a developer that would knock it down and build 2 houses. We are thinking bungalow for the next house, I think you call this a ranch home. All one level, or a house where there is a bedroom on the ground floor. Really we want to stay there for the rest of of our lives. i dont know if thats possible.

galant said...

Sol, I live in Torbay and yes, there are some awful parts, but it's a very large area and there are also some gorgeous parts, too. I've posted about our sea front walk on my blog today, and it really is a lovely area, with lots of green spaces - Ilsham, Cockington, Walls Hill, and Babbacombe Downs. Every town has its Hele, I think. But I think one either prefers one county or the other, and we will just have to agree to disagree here.
Margaret P

galant said...

Just a PS Sol - about 17 year ago I had to visit St Michael's Mount to interview the then Lord St Levan, and we stayed in Marazion and we were very impressed with how clean this village was, and how beautiful the view to the Mount. That is the area I would choose if I had to decamp to Cornwall from Devon.
Margaret P

Sol said...

Hi Linda, mortgage free is the goal. Financial freedom is paramount. I believe it will suit us greatly. We will be able to save and then invest. The idea is to the majority of our income be passive income by the time we are 50. Sounds crazy but i believe we can do it.

I read something a few years ago that struck me, it was on Rhona's blog Down to Earth, to paraphrase she said the Greek immigrants had less debt and paid their mortgages early as they grew gardens and this kept spending down compared to British immigrants.

Sol said...

Hi Margaret, I am not disagreeing with you, Devon and what I know of outside of the Bay area are nice. As you can see in my reply comment to you above, I was pointing out like you said, that there are places in every town that are less desirable. I know all of these places you mentioned. I know The Bay very well, I should do, I grew up there. As a new commenter/reader you may not have known that.

Economically, we will be better off in Cornwall for our future plans. We did not dismiss Devon lightly, (I have spreadsheet for spreedsheets for forecasts), it would be very easy for us to go there, but easy isnt really what we need. Like how there are fashions of different generations to emmigrate to say, Spain or some others to France. A lot of people my age are completely disillusioned with living somewhere expensive or buying things to look good. People are also wanting to get back to the land, so they know where their food comes from.

We want to live well within our means. Be mortgage free before we are 40. Every one is unique, you love it there, I salute you and respect that you found where you wanted to be and knew it early on. I think it is great that you love it there and blog about it. We are still very much in the thick of our adventure of where we want to end up. Hell, we may never find it. Its all about what everyone wants personally. We want to be near the sea and near our close life long friends and its not really that far from Cornwall to Devon ;)

I am extremely lucky and grateful that we have this opportunity and have worked incredibly hard towards being close to mortgage free. After renovating 14 houses, whilst living in them and both having full time jobs, I can say hand on heart, We havent taken this decision lightly. We live in an AMAZING AREA, an ANOB no less. And as I have said before if you squint and block out the cars you are either in the Lark Rise to Candleford or the South of France. We have looked at all of our options, we have looked at France for many years, we have looked at Scotland, Wales and Norfolk. Cornwall speaks to us and we would be completely mortgage free. This year has been particulary hard for my family and I do not wish to live in an area, that everywhere I turn is another memory of someone I have lost. And just maybe, the Hippy Totnes loving part of me, likes the idea of freedom more than anything else.

I hope this explains my position.

As Yeat's poem says 'Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams'.

Vera said...

Good luck with finding your new home, but if you are patient I am sure that the house will find you. Ours here in France did. When I saw it on the internet, after having spent months looking at houses online, I felt like I had been shot in the stomach, and that was before I had had a good look at the photos and seen that it did not have a roof, no electrics, an outside water tap, no windows, and in fact was a ruin! But it had said that it had wanted us to be its new owners, so that was that!

Sol said...

Hi Vera, I believe we will find it. It may take some time. I dont know what state it will be in when we find it.

galant said...

You have explained that very well, Sol, and I do hope you realize your dream of being mortgage free under 40. Our two sons of 47 and 44 have only, within the last two years, been able to service a mortgage, so they have years ahead of them of paying it. We are much older, of course, and have been mortgage free for years and when we first became mortgage free it gave us a wonderful sense of freedom that our home really was our own. I do hope you find where you want to live and at a price you can afford. My parents moved to Devon when I was young in 1951 and that was because I had been very ill and they thought the mild climate of Torbay would be good for my health, otherwise I'd still be living, no doubt, in the north of England. The very best of luck to you, I hope you will soon find the place of your dreams.
Margaret P

Sol said...

Hi Margaret, I am glad your sons have managed to get on the housing ladder. If I had not left the Bay when I was 18 I would not be a home owner now, as I would not have been able to afford it on the wages I would have earnt down there.

We will find somewhere, we always do. To be mortgage free is the goal, anything else after that is a bonus. Especially as we have Brexit looming over us, I feel food is about to get very expensive. Hence I need a horse trailer or animal trailer to move my pantry and food storage! lol Maybe we should have bought that house in Brixham with the nuclear bunker!!!

The_Croods said...

The best of luck to you and yours Sol. I'm impressed that the greenhouse pots are already washed - mine will end up being done in a hurry before I want to plant!

Sol said...

Hi Croods! I have to wash all the pots, I am not clever enough to remember that I havent washed them in the autumn and I have previously ended up with mildew (I think that is what it was), very early and it was in exactly the same pots that had had mildew the year before. There are so many of us who are wanting to be more in-charge of where our food comes from and how we and where we live. Like you story, with your small holding. In charge of your own destiny, whilst still paying council tax! lol Thank you for your well wishes

Sadie said...

I bought the lights around this time last year, and they still have them!
Very pretty. Very lightweight. Subtle glow. used them in summer quite a bit too!

Sol said...

Hey Sadie, I am going to look them up